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  • Read the advertisement and find words in the text that match these definitions.
    1 change something to make it suit a special purpose
    2 add electronic information to something, e.g. a
    3 the position of something_________
    4 changing written or printed words to data that a
    computer can understand_____________
    5 give information__________________
    6 a word used to show that something is completely
    correct and true_______________________
    7 stored information, e.g. on a computer______________
    8 a small part inside smartphones and other devices that measures change of speed, e.g. if someone drops it________________

    With our fabulous new hand-held devices, your mobile workers can be safer and more productive at the same time! Have no more paperwork that takes up workers' time and that can get lost! Know where your workers are at any time!
    We can customise devices for any situation. As an example, let’s look at devices that we’ve customised for traffic wardens:
    • The devices have cameras and GPS so the warden can take photographs of illegally parked cars. The device automatically tags the photographs with location and time. Then optical character recognition (OCR) technology can read the car’s registration number from the photograph and transmit it wirelessly to a central database. The warden saves time because there is no data entry.
    • The devices continuously report the warden’s location back to the control centre. So if there is a problem, the control centre knows exactly where the warden is and who to contact.
    • Because most of the data is kept electronically, record keeping costs are lower.
    • Being a traffic warden can be dangerous. The accelerometer in the device automatically sends a message if it falls, unless the user presses the ‘Cancel’ button immediately. Then the control centre can call the police.