Ребята, помогите с заданием

  • 1. Tom cut himself while he __ (make) breakfast.
    2. A mechanic __ (repair) our car now, we have to call a taxi.
    3. How many languages ___ (speak) in China?
    4. How long __ you (know) Steve before you married him?
    5. When my grandmother was young she __ (live) in Argentina.
    6. Pete seldom __ (forget) about birthdays.
    7. He __ (not/ see) his brother for nearly a year.
    8. When we arrived, we __ (greet) warmly by the receptionist.
    9. The store __ (open) at exactly 9 a.m. by the manager tomorrow.
    10. He is confused. He __ (try) to solve this problem all morning.

  • Was making, is reparing, are spoken, lived, forgets, has not seen, were greeted, will be opened, has been trying