Домашние задание

  • Вставьте в предложения модальные глаголы в соответствующей форме. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык (0, 5 балла).
    1. Bulletin board systems ... maintain free or low-cost communication networks to attract more users.
    2. We ... develop different means to deliver the Internet services.
    3. Sensitive information... not be transferred without having been encrypted.
    4. According to the company's long-term project, more goods ... be sold through a virtual shop by the end of 2000.
    5. For sharing private information businesses ... use intranets.
    6. Remote education ... be more available for younger generation.
    7. Connecting to the Internet one ... remember about data security of his personal computer.
    8. Electronic summer sales ... held in September.
    9. Some traditional retail companies ... dissolve as they failed in competition with e-commerce.
    10. Nowadays a virtual company ... be considered one of the most flourishing forms of cooperation

    Склоните в соответствующей форме
    1. Users of e-commerce as well as entertainment industries are interested in to collaborate for to create joint sites in the In- ternet.
    2. E-mail can to deliver both texts and graphics to computer users.
    3. The type of production is often influenced by the surrounding conditions.
    4. The development of the Internet system was followed by the to flourish of ecommerce.
    5. Even people in remote places of the world can have the access to the computer network.
    6. The development of programmes ensuring secure storage of information in computers is one of the im- portant tasks of many programmers.
    7. The creation of networks and e-mail system allows a large company to use them for to link employees within the company.
    8. Having to elaborate upon a new Web browser called Mosaic, American engineers made it available to users in September 1993.
    9. The latest sale figures for these goods are much in line with market trends.
    10. The activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet is called E-commerce