Supply abybody/anyone, nothing, anything, nobody/ no one, somebody/someone or so

  • 1.There's nothing in the clothes basket. It's empty.
    2. Is there _______ in the clothes basket? -No, it's empty.
    3. I've tried phoning, but every time I phone there's _______ in.
    4. I've prepared _______ for dinner which you'll like very much.
    5. I've never met ______ who is as obstinate as you are.
    6. Would you like ______ to start with before you order the main course?
    7. I know ______ who can help you.
    8. He sat at the table, but he didn't have______ to eat.
    9. Is there ______here who can speak Japanese?
    10. Does ______ want a second helping?

  • Кто-то, кто -нибудь в утвердительном предложении somebody, someone.
    В вопросительном --- anybody, anyone. В отрицательном not anybody или nobody, no one.
    Что-то, что-нибудь в утвердительном --- something.
    В вопросительном anything . В отрицательном not anything или nothing.

    5. I've never met ______ who is as obstinate as you are.(anyone).never oтрицание, как и not.