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  • Education includes different kinds of learning experiences. In its broadest sense we consider education to be the ways in which people learn skills, gain knowledge and understanding about the world and about themselves. One useful scheme for discussing education is to divide these ways of learning into two types: informal and formal.

    Informal education involves people in learning during their daily life. For example, children learn their language simply by hearing and by trying to speak themselves. In the same informal manner, they learn to dress themselves, to eat with good manners, to ride a bicycle or to make a telephone call. Education is also informal when people try to get information or to learn skills on their own initiative without a teacher. To do so, they may visit a book shop, library or museum, watch a television show. They do not have to pass tests or exams.

    We consider formal education to be the instruction given at different kinds of schools, colleges, universities. In most countries, people enter a system of formal education during their early childhood. In this type of education, the people decide what to teach. The learners study those things with the teachers at the head. Teachers expect learners to come to school regularly and on time, to work at about the same speed as their classmates, and to pass tests and exams. Learners have to pass the exams to show how well they have progressed in their learning. At the end of their learning, learners may earn a diploma, a certificate, or a degree as a mark of their success over the years.

    The school system of all modern nations provides both general and vocational education. Most countries also offer special education programs for giftedor for physically or mentally handicapped children. Adult education programmers are provided for people who wish to take up their education after leaving school. Most countries spend a large amount of time and money for formal education of their citizens

  • ---Does education include different kinds of learning experiences?
    ---What do we consider the education to be in its broadest sense?
    ---One useful scheme for discussing education is to divide these ways of learning into two types, isn't it?
    ---Does education include only one type of learning experience or different kinds ?

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