7 класс

  • Выписать грамматические конструкции(страдательный/пассивный залог и инфинитив/начальная форма глагола). America was the first country to start up " National Parks", beginning with Yellowstone in 1872. Now this and other parks together cover a large area of the country. Long before 1872, William Wordsworth, the great English poet, wanted his native Lake District to become a special place. But only in 1951 did the first national park in England and Wales appear. It was the Lake District National Park.
    Now there are thirteen national patks in England and Wales. They cover more than one tenth of the land area. 90 million visitors come to national parks every year.
    The first aim of national parks is to protect the countryside; the second aim is to let people enjoy the countryside, enjoy trees, flowers, animals and birds. The USA is a larger country than Britain. There are more than sixty national parks in the USA. The Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone park are the most popular of them. The Everglades, in Florida, is one of the most interesting places. Most of its territory is covered with glass. Open wayer is sometimes found, and there are a lot of islands with tropical plants. If you visit the Everglades, you can see a lot of alligators. Be careful, they are dangerous! They are protected, because, the Everglades is a notional park. Naturalists and tourists come to see water birds, bobcats, bears and alligators.

  • to start up. Как увидите to + 1 форму глагола---это инфинитив.
    Пассивные формы (у вас только настоящее время) is, are + 3 форма из таблицы неправильных глаголов в конце учебника или форма с -ed, как is covered, are protected. Думаю, справитесь.