Местоимения, производные от some, any, no, every.

  • Упражнение № 1. Измените предложения по образцу. Используйте nothing/nobody. (просто проверить правильно или нет?)
    1. There isn’t anything in this box. - There is nothing in this box.
    2. There wasn’t anybody in the gym. - There is nobody in the gym.
    3. There isn’t anything on TV tonight. - There is nothing on TV tonight.
    4. We didn’t do anything. - We did nothing.
    5. I haven’t got anything to do. - I have got nothing to do.

    Упражнение № 2. Закончите предложения. Используйте anybody/anything. (просто проверить правильно или нет?)
    1. I've got nothing to eat. I haven't got anything.
    2. There's nobody in the changing – room. There isn't anybody.
    3. I can see nothing on the desk. I can't see anything.
    4. There was nobody on the plane. There wasn't anybody.
    5. He asked nobody to help him. He didn't ask anybody.

    Упражнение № 3. Ответьте на вопросы. Используйте nobody/nothing.
    1. Has anybody in this group got a dictionary?
    2. Is there anybody here who knows French?
    3. Who knows the answer?
    4. What did you buy?
    5. What happened?
    6. Who was late?

    Упражнение № 4. Заполните пропуски в предложениях. Используйте nobody/ nothing / anybody / anything.
    1. Did he say ____ about it? – No, he said ___.
    2. What shall I do now? The training session is over. You can do ___ you like.
    3. There was ___ in the street because it was very late.
    4. ___ wants to see him.
    5. Can ____ tell me how to get to the nearest underground?
    6. Blind people can't see _____, they can see nothing.
    7. Do you know __ about his problems? ____ knows.
    8. Did you meet ____ on your way to the gym?
    9. There was ____ on the table.
    10. He has __ to help him. He hasn't got ____ to help him.
    Упражнение № 5. Заполните пропуски в предложениях. Используйте somebody/ nothing / anywhere / somewhere / и т.д.
    1. I put my bag __ ten minutes ago, and now I can't find it.
    2. There is __ in the gym. Do you know him?
    3. What's her address? I know __ about it. She lives __ in Moscow.
    4. Did you do it yourself? Yes. I did __ helped me.
    5. I see __ I know on the sports ground
    6. Do you know __ at that sports club? I'm afraid that I don't know __.
    7. There are many bridges in St Petersburg. They are __ in the city.
    8. You can find the sports centre easily __ will help you.
    9. What's in this box? ___ It's empty.
    10. Is there __ in the gym? ___ You can lock the door.

  • 2. There wasn’t anybody in the gym. - There WAS nobody in the gym.
    Первые два нормально. Давайте дальше.