• 1.Choose the right pronoun: Put … salt on your meat
    A) any
    B) some
    C) a
    D) few
    E) a few

    3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple:Rosa ___ (be) an Italian expat. She ___ (be) from Rome and ___ (live) in Brighton, a town in England. She ___ (work) in a
    hospital. She ___ (live) with an English family. The family ___ (not speak) Italian.
    A) is, is, lives, works, lives, doesn’t speak
    B) is, was, lives, worked, lived, didn’t speak
    C) is, is, live, work, live, don’t speak

    4. Choose the right variant: Do you have ___ curtains?
    A) some
    B) any
    C) much

    5. Complete with his \ \ her \ \ theirShe’s the tour guide. ___ name is Valerie. Sam isn’t at the party. He is in ___ room. They are from America. ___ names are
    Herband Hannah.
    A) their, his, her
    B) his, her, their
    C) her, his, their

    6. Madonna is very famous. Everybody knows _________.
    A) them
    B) it
    C) her

    7. Choose the right variant: Пенсионный возраст для женщин в Британии 60/ Британияда әйелдердің зейнеттік жасы 60.
    A) The retirement age is sixty for women in Britain.
    B) The retirement age is the sixty for women Britain.
    C) The retirement age is a sixty for women in Britain.
    D) The retirement age is sixtieth for women in Britain.

    8. Choose the right variant: Did ____ exciting happen?
    A) any
    B) something
    C) anything

    9. Choose the right variant:Is ... absent today?
    A) anywhere
    B) anybody
    C) some
    D) nobody
    E) somebody

    10. Complete the questions with a question word from the box.
    1) …. is he from? Brighton, England.
    2) …. does he live with? With his parents.
    3) …. does he live at home? Because he likes it.
    4) …. old is he? Thirty-seven.
    5) … is his name? Andy.

    A) who;
    B) why;
    C) what;
    D) how;
    E) where;
    F) when.

    11. Match phrases 1-4 with definitions a-e.
    1) get on with somebody;
    2) look up to somebody;
    3) be in touch with somebody;
    4) fall out with somebody.

    A) argue and stop being friendly with somebody;
    B) have a good relationship;
    C) respect somebody;
    D) be in communication with somebody;
    E) gradually have a less close relationship with somebody.