Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the word or with the correct form

  • Barbara (was working/worked/had been working) as a flight attendant for two years before she decided (to take/taking) a holiday. She went (to/in/at) the booking office to arrange her flight and to check all the details of the trip to Florida. “We don’t have (some/any/a few) flights to Florida this weekend,” said the travel agent. “Would you like (going/to go) somewhere else? You (need/have to/can) go to London or Paris if you want. Ladies usually choose Paris. They like the city. There are more requests for flights to Paris.” Barbara looked at the agent and said, “If I were you, I (will/ would have/ would) choose this city but I spend most of my time (flying/to fly) to Europe. I want to stay here in the US. Neither Paris nor London appeals to me. What about flights to California?” The agent looked at the computer screen and said: “We have a few flights to Los Angeles. (How long/How much/How many) do you want to stay?” “A week is enough,” replied Barbara. In the end, Barbara spent an enjoyable week in Los Angeles. Even now she tells her friends that it is the best holiday that she (had ever had/has ever had/ever has had)

  • 1. Had been working
    2. To take
    3. To
    4. Any
    5. To go
    6. Can
    7. Would
    8. Flying
    9. How long
    10. Has ever had
    Is it that correct form?
    I don't know ...I have tried to choose correct sides me ..and reply if I was wrongly

  • Все нормально