Помогите с заданием

    I. Read the text
    — What would you say are the most popular games in England today?
    — Well, I suppose football and cricket.
    — What are the other outdoor games?
    — Oh, there is tennis, hockey, golf, and so on. Tennis is played all the year round - on hard courts or grass courts in summer and on hard or covered courts in winter.
    — What about horse-racing?
    — I should say that is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain. Then there are, of course, running, swimming and boxing.
    — I’ve been told that there are no winter sports in England.
    — Well, you see, the English winter isnt very severe as a rule, and we don’t often have the chance of skiing, skating or tobogganing, but winter is the great time for hunting.
    — What about indoor games?
    — Well, there is chess, billiards, cards, table tennis ... By the way, do you play billiards?
    — Well, I do, but of course, I’m not a professional or a champion, just an ordinary amateur, and not a very good one at that.
    II. Answer the answer the questions use agreement or disagreement
    Agreement Disagreement
    It’s common knowledge that... I don’t think so ...
    As far as I can see ... I shouldn’t say so ...
    In my opinion ... On the contrary ...
    To my mind ... Not in the least...
    I should say so ... I can’t agree with this ...
    I fully agree with you ... Unfortunately ...
    1. Do you enjoy sport? Do you and other members of your family (relatives or friends) go in for sports? What kind?
    2. Most people understand the importance of sports in people’s life but not all people go in for sports. Can you explain why?
    3. What is your favourite indoor game?
    4. What is your favourite outdoor game?
    5. Do you always take part in sport contests?
    6. Are you a good swimmer (skater, tennis player, football player, cyclist)?
    7. What summer sports do you know?
    8. What winter sports do you know?
    9. Have you ever won the first prize at the competitions in which you participated?
    10. Do you spend your free time at the stadium?

    III.Complete each sentence with one of the words given below.

    a) a bat b) a piece c) a net d) a racket e) a puck f) a stick g) gloves
    1. We use to play baseball, ice hockey and to do boxing.
    2. We use to play volleyball and tennis.
    3. We use to play tennis.
    4. We use to play ice hockey.
    5. We use to play chess and draughts.
    6. We use to play hockey
    7. We use to play cricket and baseball.

    IV. Grammar
    1. Choose the correct item.
    1) I want to read. Where … my spectacles?
    a) are; b) is; c) were.
    2) My sister’s hair … dark.
    a) are; b) be; c) is.
    3) Mathematics … the basis of many other sciences.
    a) is; b) are; c) be.
    4) All your suitcases are in their car. Take …
    a) their; b) them; c) theirs.
    5) We are their relatives, not …
    a) your; b) yours; c) you.
    6) Hurry up! We have very … time.
    a) few; b) many; c) little.
    7) … people understood what he said.
    a) few; b) little; c) much.
    8) He studies English at the university, … he?
    a) don’t; b) doesn’t; c) isn’t.
    9) As soon as we … the results, we’ll inform you.
    a) know; b) is knowing; c) will know.
    10) Why … you waiting for the doctor now?
    a) do; b) are; c) is.
    Total: 10 points. Time for doing – 10 min.

    2. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets.
    1) Every day I … new words.
    a) am learning; b) learns; c) learn.
    2) We … at the disco.
    a) are dancing; b) is dancing; c) dance.
    3) … you read any book?
    a) do; b) does; c) are.
    4) Our children … from school in an hour.
    a) returns; b) are returning; c) will be returning.
    5) Today he … a dark brown suit.
    a) is wearing; b) wear; c) wears.
    6) … you send him a telegram?
    a) are; b) do; c) will.
    7) He sometimes … until 2 o’clock in the morning.
    a) works; b) work; c) is working.
    8) The sun … now and the sky is blue.
    a) shines; b) shine ; c) is shining.
    9) I … him tomorrow.
    a) see; b) am seeng; c) will see.
    10) It is twelve o’clock, so I … to bed now.
    a) go; b) am going; c) will go.

  • 4.
    I a) are; 2)c) is.3)a) is; 4) b) them;5) b) yours; 6)c) little.7) a) few; 8) b) doesn’t 9 a) know;10; b) are;