Break The Habit Of Speaking Russian All The Time

  • Life is gonna teach you not to pretend to be clever than you are

  • I am agree with ssuka, but in more polite version. nativespeaker"s suggestions are useful in writing application not in speaking! using so many idioms and so on lead to take attention from the point of conversation to understanding collocations. not good, not bad, but dissappointing!

  • People come down dont go mad it is our life

  • ssuka, everything is clear from your nickname. Instead of saying something useful for readers of the forum, you are just trying to mislead us.

  • I use Russian structures in English sentences, that's the problem. I mean you will never come across some of constructins we use in Engish speech. They sound Russian and an Englishman would never say so. Reading books will probably help in this case. nativespeaker, what original books can you advise (not very difficult ones)?

  • Well, thanks a lot for your question. Really, I'm absolutely delighted to share some of my ideas with you. Hopefully, they will give you some food for thought.

    To the best of my knowledge, don't read too many classic books. Believe me, that won't do much good for you in terms of your English progress. You have to admit, whether we want it or not, eventually English progress comes down to the amount of time you spend on listening. Listening to the BBC could be the most effective way of learning English when living in a non-native speaking environment. It will bear fruit, I don't have a shadow of a doubt.

    Next, study good grammar books, idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations. After that you'll make up a clear picture of Real English.

    Personally, I wouldn't put reading on a pedestal. The crux of the matter is it may well come in useful, although in fact it shouldn't be your top priority.

  • Thank you for your advice, you've thrown some light on the matter, and I cannot help admiring your English.

    Anyhow, I have to read those books. I am a student, you know.

  • Well, I see. In this case make the most of your reading, although it is not all it's cracked to be, you perfectly understand it, I hope.

    Simply enough, go ahead with your progress and in the end it will pay off. That's for sure.

    Finally, I wish you all the best. Good luck

  • I`ve alredy written somewhere that learning English is like supermarket: you go in and choose what you really want and it would be a litle bit foolish of you to buy only one product( the same with reading)

  • Thank you very much!