Break The Habit Of Speaking Russian All The Time

  • I am not quite sure what you mean. Give me more details, please

  • Как запомнить все эти времена их так много, как лучше подойти к изучению времен Thanks

  • Alex, don't get me wrong, please. Your English is ok. Feel free to write in English, that's a thousand times better.

    Well, I sincerely believe 6 tenses is more than enough. Just look at all this from another angle. I mean, what can you develop apart from tenses to boost your English level? From that very moment you're likely to find an answer to your question.

    For instance, you could consider this:
    1. pronunciation (sounds, intonation)
    2. more advanced vocabulary, grammar
    3. phrasal verbs
    4. collocations
    5. idioms
    6. Are your writing skills strong?
    7. Are you satisfied with your speaking, listening skills?

    All things considered, find a clue to this question: "What I need to speak English like an Englishman?".

    It makes me feel my comments will shed some light on your question.

    I wish you every success in your studies. Good luck

  • That's it. You got what you had anticipated. The idea was good but life is eternal.

  • hi! my name is Anna and i would like to speak in english. i am just only 16 years old, but i want to know english very well. can you help me please?))