Буква B

  • B&B

    Bed and Breakfast - гостиница типа "постель и завтрак"

    We didn't have much money, so we decided to stay at B&B.
  • B&E

    Break and Enter - кража со взломом

    The police qualified the man's crime as B&E.
  • BA

    Bachelor of Arts - бакалавр гуманитарных наук (выпускник университета со степенью бакалавра)

    Eva Brown has recently become a BA.
  • back and forth

    туда сюда, взад и вперёд, в ту и другую сторону

    Lionel nervously paced the room back and forth.
  • back down

    отступать, отказываться от своих притязаний или требований

    I could see that Allan would back down if I stood firm.
  • back down (from someone or something)

    отступаться, отказываться от чего-либо

    I saw that Ann was right, so I decided to back down from further arguing.
  • back in circulation

    вернуть в обращение, снова стать доступным

    The textbooks are back in circulation; the students have returned them to the library.
  • back of beyond

    самый отдалённый участок, глушь (у чёрта на куличках)

    I could hardly imagine that Lucy lived so far, practically at the back of beyond.
  • back on one's feet

    снова встать на ноги (вернуть себе прежнее положение)

    Ms. Drurry has undergone a serious operation and now she is back on her feet.
  • back out (of something)

    отказываться от обещания, уклоняться, отступать

    "Look here, Adam! You have made a promise, and you can't back out of it."
  • back the wrong horse

    делать ставку не на того (человека)

    In voting for Senator Plush, voters in 1992 were backing the wrong horse.
  • back to basics

    возврат к традиционному образованию

    Miss Potters is sure that it is necessary to go back to basics if you want to get good results.
  • back to square one

    вернуться к началу чего-либо

    Kelly was back to square one in her desire to renew her project.
  • back to the drawing board

    начать с чистого листа, начать всё с начала

    Cora must have failed to achieve good results in her experiment so she had to go back to the drawing board.
  • back to the salt mines

    вернуться к чему-либо с большой неохотой; например к работе, которую не хочется делать

    The work was tedious; they finished their coffee and went back to the salt mines.
  • back up (someone or something)

    поддержать кого-либо или что-либо

    Collin's proposal was silly that's why nobody backed it up.
  • back-to-back

    (сидеть) спина к спине

    On the beach I saw Mary and Jane; they were sitting back-to-back.
  • bad blood (between people)

    вражда, неприязненные отношения между людьми

    Derek and his cousin are not on speaking terms; there is much bad blood between them.
  • bad egg

    плохой человек, лодырь, бездельник

    My cousin Jack is a bad egg, and I don't want to have anything in common with him.
  • bad hair day

    неудачный день, когда всё идёт не так как надо

    Sunday was a bad hair day and everything went wrong since early morning.
  • bad-mouth (someone or something)

    оговаривать кого-то, отзываться плохо о ком-либо \ чём-либо

    Their neighbor Mr. Cannon is a mean person; he has the habit of bad-mouthing everybody.
  • bad/rotten apple

    плохой человек (как гнилое яблоко)

    My neighbor is a bad apple; he was in prison for burglary twice.
  • badger (someone)

    донимать кого-либо

    I was writing an essay and didn't like my little sister to badger me with her silly questions.
  • bag of tricks

    разнообразные приёмы, трюки (мешок хитростей)

    If a teacher works with small children, she should have a bag of tricks to keep them busy.
  • bail (someone or something) out

    выручить из беды

    Jack is in a fix. I don't see any reason why we can't bail him out.
  • bail (someone) out

    брать на поруки, вносить залог

    The parents of the young delinquent had to pay much money to bail him out of prison.
  • bail a company out

    давать поручительство или вносить залог за компанию

    The local government decided to bail out the shoe factory in order to avoid unemployment in the town.
  • bail out (of something)

    отказываться от чего-либо, прыгать с парашютом

    Nick hesitated a second before bailing out of the plane.
  • balance the books/accounts

    подводить баланс

    The job of an accountant is to balance the books of his company.
  • ball is in (someone's) court

    приоритетное решение кого-либо (на чье-либо усмотрение)

    The ball is in your court; it's up to you to make the next step in negotiations.
  • ball of fire

    сгусток энергии (об активном и энергичном человеке)

    - Though my Aunt Lora is 75 she is a ball of fire; she does a lot of things about the house.
  • ball park figure/estimate

    приблизительное количество, примерная цифра

    The contractor gave them a ball park estimate for the cost of repairing the bridge.
  • ballpark estimate/figure

    приблизительная оценка или цифра

    I'd like to be given a ballpark figure as to how much it would cost to buy a house.
  • balls of one's feet

    подушечки на ступне (около пальцев)

    I have been walking all day that's why the balls of my feet are very sore.
  • bang for the buck

    получить сполна за свои деньги

    They were not able to get much bang for the buck when they advertised on the Internet.