Буква C

  • C/O

    Care Of - до востребования

    Moira moved to another town; I don't know her address so I sent a letter to her CO her parents.
  • CA

    Chartered Accountant - дипломированный бухгалтер-эксперт

    They decided to employ a CA in order to get their taxes done on time.
  • calculated risk

    обдуманный риск

    The factory must have taken a calculated risk when they had put new products on the market.
  • call (someone or something) into question

    сомневаться в ком-либо/ чём-либо

    The teacher called the student's statement about her illness into question.
  • call (someone) in

    вызвать кого-либо, пригласить (для консультации)

    They had to call in a heart specialist to examine the patient.
  • call (someone) names

    обзывать кого-либо, называть неприятными именами

    "Stop calling each other names! It's not fair."
  • call (someone) on the carpet

    вызвать кого-либо на ковёр (устраивать нагоняй)

    Jim must have failed to do the job well because he was called on the carpet by his boss.
  • call (something) in

    изъять из обращения, потребовать назад (книги, долг)

    The librarian was going to call in the books at the end of the school year.
  • call a meeting

    созвать собрание

    A meeting should be called to discuss a few important issues.
  • call a meeting to order

    начать заседание, собрание

    When everyone arrived, the chairman called the meeting to order.
  • call a spade a spade

    называть вещи своими именами

    They were a little afraid of this young man and his dreadful trait of calling a spade a spade.
  • call for (someone or something)

    требовать что-либо, вызывать кого-либо (если нужна помощь)

    This flower is very fastidious; it calls for continual care.
  • call for (someone)

    заходить за кем-либо

    We were still having dinner when they called for us to go to the swimming pool.
  • call it a day/night

    считать свой рабочий день законченным, считать дело сделанным

    "It's six p.m. Lets call it a day and go home. Shall we?"
  • call it quits

    закончить, прекратить

    We've been discussing the problem long enough; let's call it quits.
  • call of nature

    необходимость идти в туалет (удовлетворить естественные потребности)

    They asked the driver to stop the bus so that they might answer the call of nature.
  • call off (something)

    отменять что-либо

    They called off the meeting because there was no quorum.
  • call on (someone)

    зайти к кому-то

    "Do you mind if I call on you tonight?"
  • call out to (someone)

    кричать кому-либо, громко звать

    He called out to me from the other side of the road, but I pretended not to hear.
  • call someone's bluff

    разоблачить обман, вывести кого-либо на чистую воду

    I could call the man's bluff if I were sure I would be able to prove that he is a swindler.
  • call the dogs off

    прекратить преследование или угрозы

    I told Jack to call the dogs off and stop waylaying me otherwise I would go to the police.
  • call the roll

    проверка присутствующих, перекличка

    The teacher called the roll and found out that four students were absent from class.
  • call the shots

    командовать, распоряжаться

    Mr. Gougle is calling the shots; he is in control of the company at present.
  • call up (someone)

    позвонить (кому-либо)

    "Don't call me up at seven; I'll be having an English lesson at that time."
  • calm down

    успокоиться, расслабиться

    "I want you to calm down and tell me the whole story."
  • can of worms

    сложная ситуация или проблема

    "You might open up a can of worms if you insist on knowing the truth."
  • can take (something) to the bank

    что-либо, гарантирующее успех

    I am sure that we can very well take the new business project to the bank.
  • can't do anything with (someone or something)

    ничего нельзя поделать (с кем-либо/ чем-либо)

    I can't do anything with my new dress; it's is completely ruined.
  • can't see beyond the end of one's nose

    не видеть дальше своего носа

    Gina had no idea about what was happening around her; she could not see beyond the end of her nose.
  • can't see the forest for the trees

    не в состоянии понять всё в целом "из-за деревьев не видеть леса"

    Susan doesn't understand the problems she is facing because she can't see the forest for the trees.
  • can't stand (someone or something)

    не выносить кого-либо \ что-либо

    I can't stand porridge.
  • can't stand/stomach (someone or something)

    не выносить, не переваривать кого-либо/ чего-либо

    I can't stand the way Jill behaves in public places.
  • can't stomach (someone or something)

    не переносить, не переваривать (кого-либо \ что-либо)

    I can't stand the way Jill behaves in public places.
  • cancel (something) out

    свести на нет, нейтрализовать

    If you eat too much chocolate, it will cancel out the benefits of your jogging.
  • cannot see one's hand in front of one's face

    не видеть ни зги, ничего не видеть на расстоянии вытянутой руки

    The fog was so thick that I could not see my hands in front of my face.