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  • as a duck takes to water
    естественно, как рыба в воде
    Sofia plunged into the water and started to swim easily and naturally, just as a duck takes to water.
  • as easy as duck soup
    очень легко, без усилий
    Persuading my father to buy a new computer was as easy as duck soup.
  • dead duck
    конченный (человек ) или вышедшая из употребления вещь
    My television set is very old; it is in a hopeless situation, in fact it's a dead duck.
  • duck soup
    лёгкий, не требующий усилий
    Our final exam in History was duck soup.
  • get one's ducks in a row
    привести свои дела в порядок
    I got my ducks in a row before I quit my job.
  • like water off a duck's back
    всё ни почём, "как с гуся вода"
    It is absolutely useless criticizing Jenny; the criticism falls away like water off a duck's back.
  • lovely weather for ducks
    дождливая погода
    "Lovely weather for ducks," I thought, walking to my car in the rain.
  • ugly duckling
    гадкий утёнок
    Nancy was the ugly duckling in her family until she grew up.