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  • get an eyeful (of someone or something)
    увидеть шокирующее или удивительное зрелище
    When I visited my friends in Florida, I got an eyeful of a crocodile lying in the center of their yard.
  • get one's nose out of (something)
    не ввязываться во что-либо
    Celia wished her cousin would get her nose out of her private affairs.
  • get the eye from (someone)
    поймать чей-либо враждебный взгляд
    As I approached the counter, I got the eye from the bartender and I wondered what the matter was.
  • give (someone) a black eye
    поставить кому-либо синяк под глазом, подпортить чью-либо репутацию
    My boss tried to hush up the scandal; he didn't want the company to be given a black eye.
  • give (someone) the eye
    посмотреть на кого-либо неприязненно
    I gave the young man the eye because I didn't like the way he was being downright rude to his mother.
  • give one's eye teeth (to do something)
    очень хотеть сделать что-либо, готов всё отдать
    George would give his eye teeth to move to Chicago.
  • go into (something) with one's eyes (wide) open
    пойти на что-либо сознательно (с открытыми глазами)
    I can't possibly go into the project with my eyes wide open until I receive all the necessary information.
  • go into (something) with one's eyes closed/shut
    пойти на что-либо бессознательно, не учитывая трудности и не имея достоверной информации
    Charles must have gone into the business affairs with his eyes shut otherwise he wouldn't have got involved.
  • grin from ear to ear
    широко улыбаться
    David was grinning from ear to ear when we met; he was obviously glad to see me.
  • hard of hearing
    плохо слышащий
    My grandfather, who is nearly ninety, is almost blind and hard of hearing.
  • hard-nosed
    упрямый, непримиримый
    I told my husband to take a hard-nosed position while selling our house.
  • have (someone's) ear
    заставить кого-либо выслушать, добиться чьего-либо благосклонного внимания
    Maria was able to have the manager's ear and he is eager to help her anytime.
  • have (something) coming out of one's ears
    иметь изобилие чего-либо
    "I don't want you to buy any more notebooks; we have them coming out of our ears."
  • have a good eye for (something)
    уметь правильно судить о чём-либо, иметь хороший вкус
    I asked my friend to help me buy a winter coat as she has a good eye for clothes.
  • have a nose for (something)
    иметь нюх на что-либо
    Peter had a nose for finding cheap computer disks.
  • have an ear for (something)
    иметь (музыкальный) слух
    Nora has an ear for languages; she can speak Chinese, Japanese and a few other languages.
  • have an ear out for (something)
    уметь слушать что-либо, прислушиваться к чему-либо
    Della had an ear out for any business opportunities that might come along.
  • have an eye for (something)
    знать толк в чём-либо, быть ценителем чего-либо
    She has an eye for precious stones.
  • have an eye on (someone or something)
    положить глаз на кого-либо \ что-либо
    Ivory had an eye on a beautiful cat which he would like to buy.
  • have eyes in the back of one's head
    не видеть, но чувствовать, что происходит; "иметь глаза на затылке"
    I don't have eyes in the back of my head; I am not able to understand what's going on if I can't see.
  • have nothing between the ears
    быть глупым
    Sara seems to have nothing between the ears as she often makes silly mistakes.
  • have one's ear to the ground
    слушать совета или предугадывать что-либо
    The secretary always has her ear to the ground to watch for possible loss of documents.
  • have one's eye on (someone or something)
    присмотреть что-либо, положить глаз на кого-либо
    I went shopping for clothes and had an eye on a nice pair of jeans.
  • have one's eyes glued to (something)
    пристально следить за чем-либо, смотреть на что-либо
    The football fans had their eyes glued to the television screen as a football match was being broadcast.
  • have one's nose in (something)
    совать нос во что-либо
    "Look here, Ann! I hate to have your nose in my business. Please, abate your curiosity."
  • have one's nose in the air
    важничать, "задирать нос"
    I don't think much of Gina; she is very conceited and has her nose in the air.
  • have one's nose to the grindstone
    усердно работать, быть занятым чем-либо
    Jack has his nose to the grindstone; he is working hard at his thesis.
  • have stars in one's eyes
    глаза сверкают от счастья
    The figure skater had stars in his eyes when he won a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • Here's mud in your eye.
    За наше здоровье! (тост)
    "Here's mud in your eye," the man said and raised his wineglass.
  • hit (someone) right between the eyes
    произвести сильное впечатление на кого-либо
    Her unbelievable attire hit me right between the eyes.
  • hold one's nose
    неохотно соглашаться
    My boss asked me to stay after office hours and I had to hold my nose though I had other fish to fry that evening.
  • in one ear and out the other
    в одно ухо влетело, из другого вылетело"
    Sally is very absent-minded; everything you say to her seems to go in one ear and out the other.
  • in one's mind's eye
    мысленно, в чьём-либо воображении
    Several times he played the game "in his mind's eye" and in each case he lost.
  • in the public eye
    в центре внимания, на виду
    The politician has been in the public eye since he was involved in a fraud.
  • in the twinkling of an eye
    очень быстро, "в мгновение ока"
    We gathered our belongings in the twinkling of an eye and went off running with the best will in the world.