Идиомы на тему Eyes and Ears

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  • keep an ear out for (something)
    прислушиваться, внимательно слушать что-либо
    My friend is temporary out of work, and I plan to keep an ear out for any information about a new job for him.
  • keep an eye on (someone or something)
    присматривать за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    "The puppy is very naughty. Please keep an eye on it."
  • keep an eye out for (someone or something)
    следить за появлением кого-либо \ чего-либо
    John kept an eye out for the arrival of his train.
  • keep one's ear to the ground
    держать ухо востро"
    I have been keeping my ear to the ground since I heard the rumors that the President of the company is going to retire.
  • keep one's eye on the ball
    быть внимательным, не упускать из виду основной цели
    "I wish you could keep your eye on the ball or you will never make any progress with your Italian."
  • keep one's eyes open
    смотреть в оба, быть настороже
    "I've been keeping my eyes open and have seen a nice sofa at a reasonable price."
  • keep one's eyes peeled for (someone or something)
    быть на чеку, следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Bob stood outside the restaurant and kept his eyes peeled for his girlfriend to appear.
  • keep one's nose clean
    не нарываться на неприятности
    Jacob was never able to keep his nose clean, and eventually he got into trouble.
  • keep one's nose out of (something)
    не лезть не в своё дело
    "Please, mind your own business and keep your nose out of mine."
  • keep one's nose to the grindstone
    трудиться без отдыха, без передышки
    I am going to keep my nose to the grindstone so that I can save enough money to go on a holiday to Italy.
  • lay one's eyes on (someone or something)
    увидеть кого-либо \ что-либо
    "I have lost my glasses. Will you, lease, tell me if you lay your eyes on them?"
  • lead (someone) around by the nose
    заставлять кого-либо делать то, что хочешь
    "Don't lead me around by the nose. I am not going to do what you want."
  • lend (someone) an ear
    выслушать кого-либо
    I don't like to lend an ear to anyone because I am not interested in other people's problems.
  • listen to (someone) with half an ear
    слушать кого-либо не внимательно, в пол уха
    My girlfriend always talks nonsense, so I usually listen to her with half an ear.
  • look (someone) (right/straight) in the eye
    смотреть кому-либо прямо в лицо, находиться лицом к кому-либо
    Pam looked me in the eye when she told me a lie about her absence from work.
  • look at (someone) cross-eyed
    посмотреть косо на кого-либо
    Wendy said something unpleasant, and Dorothy looked at her cross-eyed.
  • look down one's nose at (someone)
    смотреть свысока, "воротить нос" от кого-либо
    Tamara is very arrogant; she always looks down her nose at everybody.
  • make eyes at (someone)
    строить глазки, флиртовать с кем-либо
    Marion tried to make eyes at Jimmy, but he paid no attention to her.
  • make oneself heard
    говорить громко, чтобы быть услышанным
    There was such a pandemonium in the classroom that the monitor could hardly make herself heard.
  • more to (someone or something) than meets the eye
    больше, чем кажется на первый взгляд; не всё так просто
    The criminal case seamed to be quite simple, but it turned out there was more to it than meets the eye.
  • naked eye
    невооружённый глаз
    This is the truth; and even a very short-sighted person can see it with a naked eye.
  • no skin off (someone's) nose/teeth
    нет дела до чего-либо
    It is no skin off my nose whether or not Leila will get this job.
  • nose (someone) out
    выталкивать кого-либо
    The older boys nosed the younger ones out of the bus.
  • nose about/around (something)
    вынюхивать, любопытствовать
    Miss Millie's companion was nosing around trying to find out where the jewelry was kept.
  • not a dry eye in the house
    у всех зрителей глаза на мокром месте
    The melodrama was so sad and tearful that there was not a dry eye in the house during the performance.
  • not bat an eye/eyelid
    никак не реагировать, и глазом не моргнуть
    Len was downright rude to his older brother, but the latter did not bat an eye.
  • not see farther than or past the end of one's nose
    не видеть дальше своего носа
    Lorna can't see past the end of her nose; she doesn't care what is happening to other people.
  • on the nose
    точно в назначенное время или место
    We agreed to meet outside the movie theater at six and I arrived on the nose.
  • only have eyes for (someone)
    быть верным только одному кому-то, смотреть только на одного
    Julian was in love with Theresa and only had eyes for her.
  • open (someone's) eyes to (something)
    открыть кому-либо глаза на что-либо
    Dan took pity on Kelly and wanted to open her eyes to what was going on in her family.
  • out of earshot
    вне пределов слышимости
    I was not able to hear what my father was saying because I was out of earshot.
  • out of the corner of one's eye
    мельком взглянуть, увидеть краем глаза
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Daniel approaching me.
  • out on one's ear
    заставить кого-либо сделать что-либо против воли, силой (выгнать с работы, из дома)
    The student failed to pass exams and was quickly out on his ear.
  • pay through the nose for (something)
    платить бешеные деньги за что-либо
    Ken made his family pay through the nose for keeping him out of bankruptcy.
  • play by ear
    играть на слух (по слуху)
    The young woman is blind, and plays the harp by ear.