Идиомы на тему Eyes and Ears

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  • play it by ear
    принять решение в зависимости от ситуации
    Mark didn't have a definite plan of action; he decided to play it by ear.
  • poke one's nose into (something)
    вмешиваться во что-либо, "совать нос"
    I'd rather you didn't poke your nose into my private affairs.
  • powder one's nose
    попудрить носик
    Rita told her boyfriend that she would like to go to the dressing room to powder her nose.
  • prick up one's ears
    прислушиваться, "навострить уши"
    My parents seemed to be talking about me, so I pricked up my ears.
  • pull the wool over (someone's) eyes
    вводить кого-либо в заблуждение, "втирать очки"
    "You are telling me a pack of lies. Don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes like that."
  • put (someone's) eye out
    выколоть кому-либо глаз
    Jeremy became blind as he accidentally put his eye out.
  • put (someone's) nose out of joint
    обидеть кого-либо
    I didn't mean to put my friend's nose out of joint when I criticized his work.
  • put a bug in (someone's) ear
    нашёптывать кому-либо, вдолбить в голову
    I wanted to buy a new car so I put a bug in my father's ear.
  • raise eyebrows
    вызвать чьё-либо неодобрение
    Ron raised eyebrows when Steve failed to complete his job in time.
  • rub (someone's) nose in (something)
    постоянно напоминать кому-либо об ошибках, промашках
    To err is human, and I don't understand why my boss rubs my nose in it if I make a mistake.
  • see eye to eye (with someone)
    сходиться во взглядах с кем-либо
    William doesn't see eye to eye with me in this question.
  • set (something) on its ear
    заинтересовать кого-либо чем-либо
    The new project set the company on its ear. Everyone got very excited.
  • set one's eyes on (someone or something)
    видеть кого-либо \ что-либо впервые
    My sister bought a new house, but I have not set my eyes on it yet.
  • sight for sore eyes
    приятное зрелище, желанный гость
    "You look gorgeous! You are a sight for sore eyes."
  • smile from ear to ear
    широко улыбаться (улыбка от уха до уха)
    Collin was smiling from ear to ear when he saw his friends approaching him.
  • spit in (someone's) eye
    оскорблять или раздражать кого-либо
    His remarks insulted me as if someone had spit in my eye.
  • stick one's nose into (something)
    совать свой нос куда-либо, вмешиваться в чужие дела
    I wish that my roommate would stop sticking her nose into my private affairs.
  • talk (someone's) ear off
    замучить кого-либо разговорами
    The woman sitting beside me in the compartment talked my ear off.
  • thumb one's nose at (someone or something)
    смотреть с неодобрением на кого-либо \ что-либо, воротить нос
    Sofia thumbed her nose at her mother's request to stay home on Saturday.
  • tin ear for (something)
    не иметь слуха, неспособность судить о чём-либо
    I think Cora has a tin ear for music and she is not able to judge the value of it.
  • to the naked eye
    на (первый) взгляд, (видеть) невооружённым глазом
    To the naked eye it looked like there was little damage to the house after the explosion.
  • turn a blind eye to (someone or something)
    не замечать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Adam preferred to turn a blind eye to the "No Fishing" sign.
  • turn a deaf ear to (someone)
    игнорировать, не слушать кого-либо \ что-либо
    I asked Alfred to help me, but he turned a deaf ear to my request.
  • turn one's nose up at (someone or something)
    отвергать кого-либо \ что-либо
    The young man turned his nose up at the chance to go to an agricultural college.
  • under (someone's) nose
    (находиться) у кого-либо под носом
    I looked high and low for my car keys, but they were right under my nose all the time.
  • up to one's ears/eyeballs/neck in (something)
    быть по уши в чём-либо
    Around final examination time most of the university teachers are up to their ears in work.
  • Walls have ears
    нас могут услышать (и у стен есть уши)
    "It's a secret. Speak in a low voice. Walls have ears, you know."
  • wet behind the ears
    новичок, молокосос
    Cathy is still wet behind the ears; she has not yet learned the tricks that the students play on each other.
  • win by a nose
    незначительно опередить
    Jeremy was about to get the job, but Lionel won him by a nose.
  • with a jaundiced eye
    (видеть что-либо) в искажённом виде
    Mr. Smith is clever, but unfortunately he sees everything with a jaundiced eye.
  • with an eye to (doing something)
    с намерением делать что-либо
    Sam Willows bought a big apartment house with an eye to renting it tenants.
  • without batting an eye
    без малейшего смущения, "и глазом не моргнул"
    Jimmy told his story without batting an eye, although not a word of it was true.