Идиомы на тему Hand and Arm

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  • under one's thumb
    всецело во власти кого-либо, под каблуком у кого-либо
    Mr. Richardson is a bully. He keeps all the family under his thumb.
  • up in arms
    быть готовым к борьбе, сопротивлению
    The students are up in arms over the new rule against parties in the dorm.
  • use some elbow grease
    делать какое-либо усилие
    The car was awfully dirty, and I used some elbow grease to clean it.
  • wash one's hands of (someone or something)
    отказаться от ответственности за кого-либо \ что-либо, "умыть руки"
    Sam Davidson washed his hands of politics long ago.
  • welcome (someone) with open arms
    радушно приветствовать, встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    They welcomed the delegation with open arms.
  • win (something) hands down
    выиграть с лёгкостью, шутя одержать победу
    The tennis player won the game hands down.
  • with hat in hand
    униженно, смиренно
    I was about to come to my friend with hat in hand to ask him to forgive me.
  • with one hand/both hands tied behind one's back
    справиться успешно, без усилий
    John knows computers as the palm of his hand, and he fixed my computer with both hands tied behind his back.
  • with open arms
    тепло, радостно встречать кого-либо; встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    My friends were happy to see me and they greeted me with open arms.
  • work hand in hand (with someone)
    тесно взаимодействовать с кем-либо, работать рука об руку
    The local authorities are working hand in hand with the population to clean the town after the flood.
  • work one's fingers to the bone
    усердно работать, работать до мозолей
    Susan complained that she had to work her fingers to the bone for a meager pittance of a salary.
  • wrap (someone) around one's little finger
    полностью контролировать кого-либо, быть под каблуком у кого-либо
    Sue is very popular with boys, and she can easily wrap any of them around her finger.
  • wring (someone's) hand
    долго не выпускать чью-либо руку
    I hadn't seen Tim for ages, and when we met he stood wringing my hand for a long time.
  • wring one's hands
    беспокоиться, расстраиваться
    Linda didn't go to bed that night; she was wringing her hands, waiting for her husband's return from a yacht trip.
  • you've got to hand it to (someone)
    вы должны отдать ему должное
    "You've got to hand it to Jeremy; he has a lot of experience though he is sometimes difficult to deal with."