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  • blow up in (someone's) face
    мгновенно взорваться, потерять значимость
    The information, which was supposed to be secret, suddenly blew up in his face.
  • come face to face with (someone or something)
    столкнуться лицом к лицу с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    At the airport I suddenly came face to face with a famous pop singer.
  • face-to-face
    лицом к лицу
    Sam was not afraid to stand face-to-face with his enemy.
  • fall flat on one's face
    полностью провалиться, потерпеть неудачу
    The young actor fell flat on his face during his first performance.
  • fly in the face of (something)
    оставить без внимания (кого-либо, что-либо), пренебречь
    The customer complained of a poor service, but the manager flew in the face of her complaint.
  • get out of (someone's) face
    оставить кого-либо в покое, уйти с глаз долой
    Eva irritates me no end; I wish she would get out of my face.
  • hide one's face in shame
    стыдиться, испытывать неловкость
    When Anita blurted out the truth, everybody looked at her as she tried to hide her face in shame.
  • in the face of (something)
    вопреки, несмотря на что-либо, под угрозой
    Jim is a cool cucumber; he never loses his head in the face of danger.
  • keep a straight face
    сохранять невозмутимое выражение лица; стараться не засмеяться
    It is difficult to keep a straight face when you see something funny.
  • long face
    унылый вид, кислая физиономия
    He pulled a long face when he heard the news of his former girlfriend's engagement.
  • lose face
    быть униженным, смущённым
    Paul Summerfield lost face when his colleagues did not to support him during the meeting.
  • make a face (at someone)
    корчить гримасы
    "Stop making a face at the monkey," said the mother. - "He began it first," answered the son.
  • not just a pretty face
    быть умным, а не только красивым
    Sarah is not just a pretty face. She is very intelligent.
  • not show one's face
    не появиться, не показаться
    My friend and I had a quarrel the other day, and she said she would not show her face at my place ever never.
  • on the face of it
    на первый взгляд, судя по внешнему виду
    The idea is absurd on the face of it.
  • put on a brave face
    казаться счастливым (хотя ситуация неблагоприятная), не выдавать своих чувств
    Susan was awfully afraid of the operation, but she tried to put on a brave face.
  • put one's face on
    краситься, накладывать макияж
    I was waiting for Nora while she was putting her face on.
  • save face
    сохранить свою репутацию, достоинство в неблагоприятной ситуации
    We ought to act very cautiously and try to save face whatever happens.
  • say (something) right to (someone's) face
    сказать что-либо кому-либо прямо в лицо
    I didn't like my friend's behavior at the party, and I had a good mind to say it right to his face.
  • show one's face
    появиться, показаться
    After cheating at the exam, Simon was ashamed to show his face.
  • slap in the face
    оскорбление, пощёчина, оплеуха
    Brett hadn't expected that Dina would refuse to go out with him; it was a slap in the face for him.
  • stare (someone) in the face
    быть очевидным
    "Are you looking for your pen? It's on your desk, staring you in the face."
  • stuff one's face
    набить себе желудок, много съесть
    I was not hungry because I stuffed my face in the restaurant.
  • tell (someone) to his or her face
    сказать кому-либо прямо в лицо
    We are going to tell Willy to his face that he had let us down.
  • throw (something) back in (someone's) face
    ответить, отплатить кому-либо тем же
    Ivory insulted me and I immediately threw the insult back in his face.
  • written all over (someone's) face
    на лице написано, на лице ясно отражено (какое-либо чувство, состояние)
    The fact that my younger sister had eaten all the sweets was written all over her face.