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  • absent-minded
    I don't think much of Jack; he is so absent-minded.
  • all in (someone's) mind
    воображать несуществующую проблему
    "Please, don't bother me with your problem. It is all in your mind. It does not exist."
  • bear (someone or something) in mind
    иметь кого-либо или что-либо в виду
    Wanda ought to bear this risky affair in mind; it might be a fraud, for all I know.
  • blow (someone's) mind
    взволновать, полностью захватить (о чувствах)
    "The book is so thrilling that I hope it will blow your mind."
  • boggle one's mind
    пугать, смущать, тревожить
    "I don't want to boggle your mind, but the absence of proper safety is dangerous."
  • change (someone's) mind
    At first Lola agreed to join us but then changed her mind.
  • come to mind
    придти в голову, припомнить
    I was trying to recollect the title of the book, but nothing came to mind.
  • cross (someone's) mind
    подумать, придти на ум
    It crossed his mind that he would never see Mary again.
  • enter (someone's) mind
    придти в голову
    "I say Peter, it never entered your mind to apologize for what you have done, did it?"
  • get a load off one's mind
    рассказать о своих заботах и тревогах, "снять груз с души"
    When I am worried about something, I talk to my best friend to get the load off my mind.
  • give (someone) a piece of one's mind
    ругать кого-либо, сердиться на кого-либо
    Susan has let me down, and I am going to give her a piece of my mind.
  • great minds think alike
    великие умы думают одинаково (шутливо)
    Great minds think alike; I suggested that we go on a picnic and George suggested the same thing.
  • have (someone or something) on one's mind
    много думать о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Linda had a lot of problems on her mind.
  • have (something) in mind
    иметь что-либо в виду, запомнить
    I wonder what Jeremy had in mind when he had asked me to help him.
  • have a closed mind (about something)
    быть упрямым, не желать изменить свои убеждения или мнение
    My uncle has a closed mind almost about everything in contemporary life.
  • have a good mind to (do something)
    очень хотеть сделать что-либо
    I have a good mind to tell my friend about his behavior.
  • have a lot on one's mind
    иметь много забот
    I have had a lot on my mind with my children recently.
  • have a mind like a steel trap
    иметь острый и живой ум
    Although Timothy is seventy-five he has a mind like a steel trap and his memory is very good.
  • have a mind of its own
    иметь собственный ум (о механизме или автомобиле)
    The car was unwilling to start as if it had a mind of its own and won't do anything that I want.
  • have a mind of one's own
    поступать по своему разумению
    Tim has always had a mind of his own, so there is no use trying to convince him how to behave in the situation.
  • have a one-track mind
    иметь лишь одно стремление \ направленность
    Sofia seems to have a one-track mind and is only interested in going to parties.
  • have an open mind about (something)
    быть гибким, уметь прислушиваться к мнению других
    Evelyn has always had an open mind about adopting children.
  • have half a mind to do (something)
    склоняться, быть расположенным сделать что-либо
    "I have half a mind to shut you up in jail for the rest of your life," Detective Fisher said.
  • have the presence of mind to (do something)
    уметь действовать разумно в трудной ситуации
    "I believe you have the presence of mind to reject his invitation."
  • in a positive frame of mind
    в хорошем расположении духа
    David has been in a positive frame of mind all day.
  • in one's right mind
    в своём \ здравом уме
    "You are not in your right mind to leave this country for good."
  • in two minds about (something)
    колебаться, быть в нерешительности из-за чего-либо
    I am in two minds about changing my present job.
  • keep (someone or something) in mind
    иметь кого-либо \ что-либо в виду
    The manager told us to keep the new rules and regulations in mind.
  • keep an open mind about (something)
    быть гибким, уметь прислушиваться к мнению других
    Garry is not flexible; he is not able to keep an open mind about anything.
  • know one's own mind
    быть уверенным в себе; знать, что делать
    "Don't tell me what to do; I know my own mind."
  • last thing on (someone's) mind
    последние, что у кого-либо на уме
    Visiting a museum was the last thing on my mind on Sunday afternoon.
  • make up one's mind
    решать, принять решение
    I haven't made up my mind where to go for my holiday, which is supposed to be in March.
  • meeting of minds
    полное согласие
    "Were you able to achieve a meeting of minds at last?"
  • mind goes blank
    провал в памяти
    I tried to remember the girl's name, but alas my mind went blank.
  • mind is buzzing
    думать о многих вещах сразу
    Ann's mind was buzzing after she left the conference room.