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  • at one's wit's end
    быть в растерянности; не знать, что делать
    Jack was at his wit's end about what to do with the puppy.
  • collect one's wits
    собраться с мыслями
    I had to collect my wits after the strange story Jami told me.
  • have keen wits
    быстро соображать
    Cora is smart; she has keen wits and is able to make good decisions very fast.
  • have the wits to do (something)
    быть сообразительным; соображать, как делать что-либо
    Willy insulted me, but I didn't have the wits to retort promptly.
  • keep one's wits about one
    не терять головы, сохранять самообладание
    Throughout the dispute Conrad was like a cold spectator who could keep his wits about him.
  • not beyond the wit of (someone)
    не трудно что-либо делать, не требуется большого ума
    It would not be beyond the wit of my friend to write an essay.
  • pit one's wits against (someone)
    бросать вызов кому-либо
    Collin decided to pit his wits against the best scholars of the university.
  • slow-witted
    медленно соображающий, тупой
    "I don't think Kelly is slow-witted; she is just lazy."