Идиомы на тему Law

  • break the law
    нарушить закон
    They found out that Marcia had broken the law, and she was sacked.
  • civil law
    гражданское право
    Civil law deals with private matters but not with criminal cases.
  • class action lawsuit
    судебный процесс в интересах группы пострадавших людей
    The miners decided to file a class action lawsuit against the owners of coal mines for damage to their health.
  • commercial law
    торговое право
    After I graduate the university I would like to practice in commercial law.
  • common law
    общее право, неписаный закон
    Common law is mostly based on custom and court decisions of the past.
  • criminal law
    уголовное право
    Professor Dobbin has been lecturing on criminal law for quite some time.
  • due process (of law)
    должное исполнение закона
    Everybody is entitled to due process of law regardless of rank or power.
  • have a brush with the law
    соприкасаться с законом
    At fourteen Joe had a brush with the law because he had tried to hijack a car.
  • in trouble with the law
    не в ладу с законом
    When Simon was a teenager, he was often in trouble with the law.
  • law unto oneself
    сам себе закон (о человеке, игнорирующем закон или правила, если они ему не нравятся)
    Johnny's father told him that he must stop being a law unto himself.
  • law-abiding
    Martha had been a law-abiding citizen all her life.
  • lay down the law
    устанавливать правило, говорить безапелляционным тоном
    He hated hard-mouthed women who laid down the law and knew more than he did.
  • run afoul of the law
    нарушить закон
    Paul Browning was arrested because he had run afoul of the law.