Leg and Foot

  • step/tread on (someone's) toes

    задеть чьи-либо чувства, "наступить на чью-либо любимую мозоль"

    Stephan managed to step on his friends' toes and that turned his friends into his enemies.
  • stretch one's legs

    размять ноги

    After he had been driving for six hours, he stopped for a while to stretch his legs.
  • sweep (someone) off his or her feet

    вызвать чей-либо восторг, поразить, потрясти

    When I saw my favorite singer appear on the stage, it swept me off my feet.
  • tail between one's legs

    быть пристыженным или побеждённым

    Steve had boasted he would win the tournament, but he went home with his tail between his legs.
  • take a load off one's feet

    сесть и отдохнуть

    "Come in and sit down. Take a load off your feet."
  • take to one's heels

    убегать, удирать

    The boys were stealing apples from the garden and took to their heels when they saw the owner approaching them.
  • think on one's feet

    думать о чём-либо мимоходом

    "This is a very serious matter; I don't want you to think on your feet."
  • throw oneself at (someone's) feet

    унижаться перед кем-либо, каяться

    I knew I was guilty, but I was not going to throw myself at my friend's feet.
  • toe the line/mark

    подчиняться правилам, слушаться

    The new teacher is strict and she will make the students toe the line.
  • turn on one's heel

    круто повернуться

    Jonathan turned on his heel and dashed out of the room.
  • under (someone's) feet

    (путаться) у кого-либо под ногами

    "Get lost! I don't want you to be under my feet while I am working."
  • vote with one's feet

    уйти, таким образом показать свою антипатию; "проголосовать ногами"

    The lecture was boring and some of the students voted with their feet.
  • wait on (someone) hand and foot

    делать всё возможное для кого-либо, служить верой и правдой

    Moira is a spoiled child because her parents wait on her hand and foot.
  • with one's tail between one's legs

    испугаться или струсить, "поджать хвост"

    The boss told Mike to get out, and the latter left the office with his tail between his legs.