Leg and Foot

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  • dip one's toe in the water
    начать делать что-либо и посмотреть, что из этого получится
    Jim decided to do some volunteer work at the animal shelter to dip his toe in the water of working in the veterinarian field.
  • get a toehold (somewhere)
    получить точку опоры, поддержку где-либо
    They have been able to get a toehold in the car market.
  • go toe-to-toe with (someone)
    стараться победить кого-либо в борьбе, споре, соревновании
    Sandra went toe-to-toe with her neighbor about the neighbor's dog.
  • keep on one's toes
    быть бдительным, внимательным
    Mark tried to keep on his toes during a grammar test.
  • make one's toes curl
    чувствовать себя неловко
    Rick said something unpleasant and it made my toes curl.
  • on one's toes
    быть в состоянии активности
    Our lecturer keeps the students on their toes by giving them a lot of interesting information.
  • on tiptoe
    на цыпочках
    Her son was asleep, and the mother went on tiptoe so that she might not wake him up.
  • put one's toe in the water
    начать что-либо делать и посмотреть, что из этого получиться
    Ron decided to put his toe in the water to see if the new job is good for him.