Идиомы на тему Money

  • chip in (money)
    вносить деньги, платить в складчину
    My friends and I decided to chip in some money to buy a birthday present for Lucy.
  • easy money
    лёгкие деньги
    Young people who look for easy money are usually disappointed.
  • fool and his money are soon parted
    у дурака деньги долго не держатся
    Jimmy spends his money unwisely. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  • for my money
    я считаю, что касается меня
    For my money, the best candidate for Congress is George Brown.
  • fork money out (for something)
    потратить деньги на что-либо, "раскошелиться"
    They had to fork out much money for fixing their old house.
  • fork over (some money)
    заплатить деньги за что-либо
    "You forked over much money for the painting, didn't you? The picture isn't worth it."
  • get a run for one's money
    получить всё сполна за свои деньги; получить то, что заслуживаешь
    David got a run for his money when he decided to take part in car races.
  • get one's money's worth
    получить (деньги) сполна
    Felix got his money's worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.
  • give (someone) a run for their money
    дать кому-либо то, что он заслуживает
    Mike and Antony are excellent footballers; let's give them a run for their money.
  • have money to burn
    быть очень богатым, "денег куры не клюют"
    Mary's husband made the money easily enough - he would never miss it, neither would Mary. They had money to burn.
  • in the money
    состоятельный, при деньгах
    Gerald found a good job, and he is in the money now.
  • lay away money
    откладывать (деньги), копить
    The boy was trying to lay away some money to buy a bicycle.
  • lay out (money)
    тратить (деньги), "выложить деньги"
    "If we buy this house, we will have to lay out a lot of money on repairs, and that's a heavy outlay."
  • make good money
    зарабатывать хорошие деньги
    Pam was able to make good money doing a full-time job at a souvenir factory.
  • money burns a hole in (someone's) pocket
    быстро и неразумно тратить деньги; деньги долго не держатся
    Money usually burns a hole in the girl's pocket; she spends it very quickly.
  • money doesn't grow on trees
    не стоит сорить деньгами, деньги на деревьях не растут
    "Money is valuable; you shouldn't waste it. Remember money doesn't grow on trees."
  • money is no object
    цена не столь важна
    Money is no object if you have decided to go on a luxury voyage in the middle of summer.
  • money is the root of all evil
    деньги – причина всех бед
    Many people believe that money is the root of all evil, but I am of another opinion.
  • money talks
    с деньгами всего можно добиться
    Money talks; it gives you power and influence over other people.
  • not for love nor money
    ни за какие блага
    It was a first night performance, and we couldn't buy the tickets, not for love nor money.
  • not for love or money
    любыми путями, "не мытьём, так катаньем"
    We were not able to get the tickets for the performance for love or money.
  • not made of money
    (не) иметь много денег
    My daughter asked me to buy her a car, but I told her I am not made of money.
  • on the money
    как раз нужная сумма \место \ время \ идея
    Mark was on the money when he went to purchase textbooks.
  • one's money is on (someone)
    (быть) уверенным в чьей-либо победе (в соревнованиях, игре)
    Sam's money was on the popular baseball team; he was sure they would win the game.
  • pour money down the drain
    зря тратить деньги, транжирить
    Mary often buys things which she really doesn't need; I think she pours money down the drain.
  • put one's money where one's mouth is
    перестать болтать и приняться за дело
    "I want you to put your money where your mouth is and back up your words with action."
  • rake in the money
    зарабатывать много денег, "купаться в деньгах"
    Though Jake is raking in the money he is very stingy.
  • rake off (some money)
    воровать деньги
    They suspected David Bronx of raking money off the company's account.
  • rolling in money
    иметь большое количество денег, "купаться в деньгах"
    Mr. Hobson was rolling in money and didn't have to work.
  • salt away (money)
    сберечь, сэкономить деньги
    I was able to salt away some money for my holiday.
  • shell out (money)
    платить деньги, раскошелиться
    Jacob shelled out a lot of money for his new car.
  • smart money is on (something)
    хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)
    The smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.
  • sock away (some money)
    убирать, прятать деньги в укромное место
    I have decided to sock away some money to pay for my college education.
  • squirrel away (some money)
    припрятать деньги, откладывать
    I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
  • take the money and run
    принять предложенное пока предложение в силе
    Bill planned to take the money and run as he was not sure that he would be given any more money for the settlement of his car accident.