Идиомы на тему Mouth and Teeth

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  • fight tooth and nail
    драться, бороться изо всех сил
    The boy was fighting tooth and nail to get his toys back from another boy.
  • long in the tooth
    (быть) старым, песок сыплется (длинные зубы у лошади – признак старости)
    My Uncle Ben was very long in the tooth but very spry.
  • pull (someone's) tooth out
    выдернуть \ удалить кому-либо зуб
    I had a terrible toothache the other day, and was relieved when the dentist pulled my tooth out.
  • tooth and nail
    изо всех сил, не жалея сил, неистово
    When the man was captured, he fought tooth and nail to get away.