Буква F

  • face down (someone)

    осадить кого-либо, нагнать страху

    I had to face down the blackmailer who was threatening me.
  • face the music

    держать ответ за что-либо, расплачиваться, "расхлёбывать кашу"

    "You've made a mistake; now you'll have to face the music."
  • face up to (something)

    быть готовым принять нелёгкое решение

    The young man was seriously injured, and he had to face up the fact that he would never be able to walk.
  • face value

    кажущаяся ценность; поверхностное суждение

    "If I were you, I wouldn't trust her; take everything she does at face value."
  • face value (of something)

    номинальная стоимость

    The face value of the new computer was not very high.
  • face-to-face

    лицом к лицу

    Sam was not afraid to stand face-to-face with his enemy.
  • facts of life

    жизненно-необходимые сведения (о сексе, женитьбе, рождении и т.д.)

    Even young children should know the facts of life.
  • fair and impartial

    беспристрастный, справедливый, непредвзятый

    The criminal was taken to court and given a fair and impartial trial.
  • fair and square

    открыто, честно

    The competition was tough, but their team won the game fair and square.
  • fair game

    объект нападения, "лёгкая добыча"

    The company being in a difficult situation was fair game as a takeover target by other companies.
  • fair play

    справедливое, честное отношение к кому-либо, честная игра

    The bank is known for its fair play and is very popular with the clients.
  • fair shake

    обхождение, хорошее отношение

    At the job interview Steve was given a fair shake.
  • fair to middling

    так себе, неважно "серединка на половинку"

    Jeremy was feeling fair to middling after his heart attack.
  • fair-weather friend

    человек, который может быть другом только при благоприятных условиях

    Henry is a fair-weather friend, and I can never rely on him when I have a problem.
  • fall apart

    разваливаться, плохо работать

    "My car is falling apart; I must have it repaired as soon as possible."
  • fall apart at the seams

    разваливаться по швам, на куски

    I couldn't wear my jeans any longer; they were falling apart at the seams.
  • fall asleep


    The child fell asleep in her mother's arms.
  • fall back

    отставать, вернуться назад

    One of the tourists fell back from the group during an excursion.
  • fall back on (someone or something)

    прибегнуть к помощи кого-либо/ чего-либо

    Tom had a difficult problem, but he didn't want to fall back on anyone.
  • fall behind

    запаздывать, отставать

    Josef fell behind with his rent.
  • fall by the wayside

    отстать от других, оказаться на обочине

    Sally was afraid she might fall by the wayside in the chess tournament.
  • fall down on the job

    не справиться с работой

    "Listen carefully to the instructions lest you should not fall down on the job."
  • fall flat on one's face

    полностью провалиться, потерпеть неудачу

    The young actor fell flat on his face during his first performance.
  • fall for (someone or something)

    почувствовать влечение к кому-либо \ чему-либо, влюбиться

    He is very handsome; women fall for him like a row of ninepins.
  • fall for (someone)

    почувствовать влечение к кому-либо, влюбиться

    Jeremy is very handsome; women fall for him like a row of ninepins.
  • fall from grace

    оказаться в немилости

    Samuel didn't want to fall from grace with the woman he loved so dearly.
  • fall head over heels

    упасть головой вниз

    Miss Moose felt strong hands push her, and she fell head over heels down the staircase.
  • fall head over heels in love with (someone)

    влюбиться по уши

    Dorothy fell head over heels in love with David.
  • fall ill


    Little Bobby didn't come to school; he must have fallen ill.
  • fall in love (with someone)

    влюбиться в кого-либо

    He had never seen the young lady, only her portrait, but he fell in love with that and marry her he would.
  • fall in love with (someone or something)

    влюбиться в кого-либо/ во что-либо

    He had never seen the young lady, only her portrait, but he fell in love with that and marry her he would.
  • fall in with (a group of people)

    связаться с (группой людей)

    Rick fell in with a bad group of guys and began to take drugs.
  • fall into a trap

    попасть в ловушку

    Paul fell into a trap of Fanny's charms.
  • fall into line

    стать в строй, построиться в шеренгу

    At the beginning of the lesson the P.E. teacher ordered the students to fall into line.
  • fall into place

    встать на свои места

    Everything fell into place when Alice and her husband moved into a new house.