Буква H

  • had best (do something)

    я бы предпочла (сделать что-либо)

    I had best leave this work till tomorrow; I don't feel like doing it now.
  • had better (do something)

    (тебе) бы лучше (выражает совет)

    Alan had better leave immediately otherwise he might miss his flight.
  • hail from (somewhere)

    быть родом откуда-либо

    Gregory hails from a small mining town in the north of England.
  • hair of the dog that bit one

    напиток, принимаемый с похмелья

    Jeff woke up and had the hair of the dog that bit him first thing in the morning.
  • hair of the dog that bit you


    Jeff got up late and had the hair of the dog that bit him before breakfast.
  • hair-raising

    страшный, жуткий, устрашающий

    Horror novels are really hair-raising.
  • half a loaf is better than none

    лучше, чем ничего

    Half a loaf is better than none and I would rather earn a little money than none at all.
  • half-baked

    глупая \ ый

    "I don't really want to listen to your half-baked ideas about quitting the job."
  • ham it up

    вести себя преувеличенно весело, дурачиться

    The kids were hamming it up in the school playground.
  • hammer (something) home

    заставить понять, "вдолбить в голову"

    The mother tried to hammer home to her son the importance of doing his best at school.
  • hammer away at (someone or something)

    упорно работать над чем-либо

    I have been hammering away at my homework exercises nearly all day.
  • hammer out (an agreement or a deal)

    выработать что-либо в результате дебатов

    Unfortunately the union and the chief executives were not able to hammer out an agreement.
  • hand (something) down to (someone)

    передавать что-либо кому-либо по наследству

    The estate had been handed down from father to son.
  • hand (something) to (someone) on a silver platter

    дать кому-либо что-либо не заслуженно

    Ken is used to being handed everything to him on a silver platter.
  • hand a verdict/decision down (to someone)

    огласить или вручить кому-либо решение суда

    The verdict was handed down to him yesterday morning as soon as the trail was over.
  • hand down (something)

    передать что-либо по наследству

    The enormous estate was handed down to Miss Triber's nephew.
  • hand down a decision

    огласить решение

    The judge was to have handed down a decision on Monday, but the hearing of the case had been put off.
  • hand in (something)

    вручить что-либо

    The postman handed in a telegram to me.
  • hand in glove (with someone)

    работать вместе, "рука об руку"; быть в тесной дружбе с кем-либо

    Sometimes the police were hand in glove with certain crooks and evil-doers.
  • hand in hand

    держась за руки

    I saw Miranda and her husband walking hand in hand.
  • hand over (someone or something) to (someone)

    передавать что-либо кому-либо

    The woman wanted Jim to hand over the documents to her.
  • hand over fist

    быстро и легко, проворно

    During the World War the company had made money hand over fist.
  • hand over hand

    переставлять одну руку за другой, перехватывать руками

    Bill was trying to climb up the steep bank of the river hand over hand.
  • hand the torch/baton to someone

    передать служебные обязанности, наделить полномочиями (досл. передать эстафетную палочку бегуну)

    Ted Lloyd was about to retire and he decided to hand the torch to his son.
  • hand-me-down


    Cinderella had to wear hand-me-down clothes when she lived in her stepmother's house.
  • hand-out

    подарок (обычно от правительства); подачка

    I wish they would stop giving hand-outs to various organizations.
  • handle (someone) with kid gloves

    обращаться с кем-либо бережно и осторожно

    Sue is difficult to deal with, so you'd better handle her with kid gloves when you speak to her.
  • handle with kid gloves

    бережное обращение \ обхождение

    Sue is difficult to deal with, so you'd better handle her with kid gloves when you speak to her.
  • hands down

    легко, не встречая сопротивления

    Ron won the swimming competition hands down.
  • hands off

    не вмешиваться, "руки прочь"

    "I understand your hands off approach to the problem, but I am sure it won't get you anywhere."
  • handwriting is on the wall

    плохой или знаменательный знак

    The handwriting was on the wall. Business was slack; he had to consider moving to another town.
  • handy

    умелый, ловкий, искусный

    Joe is very handy; he does a lot of repairs in the house.
  • hang (someone) in effigy

    повесить чучело ненавистного человека

    Jill hated her ex-husband that's why she hung him in effigy.
  • hang a left

    повернуть налево, сделать левый поворот

    I asked the policemen the way to the gas station and he told me to hang a left from the supermarket.
  • hang a right

    повернуть направо, сделать правый поворот

    I drove along the main street and hung a right at the crossing.