Буква I

  • I/you/he for one

    что касается меня (тебя, его), я (ты, он) например

    A lot of people do not like certain foods. I for one never eat fish.
  • icing on the cake

    что-либо, улучшающее ситуацию

    We were able to buy a spacious house and the fact was the icing on the cake.
  • idiot box


    My brother sits glued to the idiot box all day long.
  • if looks could kill

    убийственный \ злобный взгляд; "если бы взглядом можно было убить"

    If looks could kill, then the look he gave me would have killed me at once.
  • if so

    раз так, в таком случае

    He won't die unless we abandon him; and if so, we will be answerable for his death.
  • if the shoe fits wear it

    принимать замечание на свой счёт, "на воре шапка горит"

    Ann was mortally offended by my harmless remark. I looked at her and said that if the shoe fits, wear it.
  • if worst comes to worst

    в худшем случае, на худой конец

    Even if worst comes to worst, she has got enough to live on for six months at least.
  • ill at ease

    чувствовать себя неловко, нервничать

    I saw that Jimmy felt ill at ease and decided not to tell him about his failure.
  • ill will

    недоброжелательность, неприязнь

    John and George are rivals, and there is much ill will between them.
  • ill-disposed to (do something)

    проявлять нежелание делать что-либо

    They seem to be ill-disposed to cooperate with us.
  • ill-gotten gains

    (что-либо) добытое нечестным путём

    "I am sure Mr. Bobtail's wealth is ill-gotten gains."
  • IMF

    International Monetary Fund - Международный валютный фонд (МВФ)

    The IMF or International Monetary Fund is an international agency that works to stabilize currencies.
  • implicate (someone) in (something)

    впутывать, подозревать кого-либо в чём-либо

    Two officials were implicated in a bribery scandal.
  • in (someone's) black books

    быть в немилости у кого-либо

    Mr. Blackberry has been in his wife's black books since he started to come home late.
  • in (someone's) clutches

    под жёстким контролем, "в тисках"

    I suppose Steve is in his parents' clutches because he is not as responsible as he should be.
  • in (someone's) favor

    в чью-либо пользу

    The judge ruled in the favor of the complainant in his dispute with the landlord.
  • in (someone's) name

    на имя кого-либо

    Wanda had put all of their property in her husband's name so that it would be easier to get a loan on it.
  • in (someone's) prayers

    в чьих-либо молитвах

    Sasha's friend Andrew was in his prayers when the latter went on an expedition to the North Pole.
  • in (someone's) shoes

    на чьём-либо месте

    "If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same."
  • in a bad mood

    в плохом настроении

    That morning Sara woke up in a bad mood.
  • in a bad way

    в плохом \ критическом состоянии

    He was still in a bad way after the operation.
  • in a bind

    безвыходное положение, тупик

    Alec thought he might be in a bind if he didn't find a job soon.
  • in a coon's age

    очень долгое время

    I have not been at the theater in a coon's age.
  • in a family way

    быть беременной, ожидать ребёнка

    Vivian usually said delicately that she was in a family way when she had to mention such matters.
  • in a flash


    Collin didn't suppose that he would be finished with the job interview in a flash.
  • in a fog (haze)

    растерянный, в замешательстве

    When Anna told me the sad news, I found myself in a fog; I was thoroughly confused.
  • in a fool's paradise

    нереальный мир, мир фантазий; призрачное счастье

    "I think you are living in a fool's paradise; it's time you were more realistic."
  • in a hole

    в трудном \ стеснённом положении

    Jane is in an embarrassing position at work; she is really in a hole now.
  • in a huff

    в припадке раздражения или гнева

    After the quarrel with his wife Jack left the house in a huff.
  • in a hurry

    второпях, поспешно

    In the morning Martha is always in a hurry; she is afraid to be late for work.
  • in a jam

    в трудном положении

    He found himself in a jam when he had lost his job.
  • in a jiffy

    очень быстро, моментально

    "It won't take long to fix your radio. I'll have it ready for you in a jiffy."
  • in a kind/sort of way

    до некоторой степени, отчасти

    In a sort of way she pitied George as he sat there, very much the skeleton in his dilapidated striped suit.
  • in a lather

    (быть) взволнованным и обеспокоенным

    I was in a lather when my son hadn't come home from school.
  • in a little bit

    скоро, вскоре

    "I will come to see you in a little bit."