Буква J

  • jack up (something)

    поднять цены; поднять что-либо при помощи домкрата

    It is difficult to rent a good house for a decent price; the owners have jacked up their prices. They had to jack up the car to change the tire.
  • jack up (the price)

    поднять цены

    It is difficult to rent a good house for a decent price; the owners have jacked up their prices.
  • jack up the price of (something)

    повысить цену на что-либо

    Several oil companies jacked up the price of oil at the beginning of the year.
  • jack-of-all-trades

    мастер на все руки

    Tom is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.
  • jam on the brakes

    нажать на тормоза

    On seeing a big truck Tim jammed on the brakes, but it was too late.
  • jam-packed


    I usually take a bus to go to work, but it is always jam-packed during rush hours.
  • Jekyll and Hyde

    кто-либо, сочетающий в себе хорошее и плохое

    My ex-husband is like Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he is all smiles but the next minute he is irritated.
  • jockey for position

    не стесняться в средствах для достижения цели

    "I don't think it's the right time to jockey for position when the company is in a hole."
  • jog (someone's) memory

    помогать кому-либо вспомнить, напомнить

    In old days torture was used to jog the prisoners' memory especially of those who would not betray their friends.
  • John Doe

    воображаемый истец в судебном процессе

    They use the name "John Doe" as the name of a person who is applying for something.
  • John Henry/John Hancock

    чья-либо подпись

    "In order to receive the money you ought to sign your John Henry here."
  • Johnny-come-lately


    Sam is a Johnny-come-lately, and he doesn't really know what is going on here.
  • Johnny-on-the-spot

    тот, кто оказывается в нужном месте или в нужное время

    William seems to be Johnny-on-the-spot. Just when I need him, he turns up.
  • join forces (with someone)

    объединить усилия с кем-либо

    We want to join forces with them and try to do something useful for our town.
  • join hands

    взяться за руки

    "I would like all those present to join hands and say the prayer."
  • Join the club!

    Мы с тобой товарищи по несчастью (выражение употребляется, когда говорящий и кто-либо находятся в одинаково неблагоприятной ситуации)

    "Join the club! I am not allowed to drink anymore on my doctor's orders."
  • join the fray

    вступить в борьбу или спор

    "Why did you join the fray? Nobody asked you to argue with the other staff members."
  • joined at the hip

    (два человека) проводящие всё время вместе, "не разлей вода"

    The two friends are joined at the hip; they always spend all their time together.
  • jolt to a stop

    резко остановиться

    The driver jammed on the brakes and the car jolted to a stop.
  • JP

    Justice of the Peace - мировой судья

    They went to a JP to settle their dispute about a plot of land.
  • judge (someone or something) on its own

    судить о ком-либо \ чём-либо по достоинствам, заслугам

    "I can't possibly judge Tina on her own merits because I have no idea what her good points are."
  • judge (someone or something) on its/their own merit(s)

    судить о ком-либо \ чём-либо по достоинству

    We usually judge people on their own merits.
  • judging by (something)

    судя по чему-либо

    Judging by the cover, the magazine might be quite interesting.
  • jump all over (someone)

    бранить, порицать кого-либо, "наехать на кого-либо"

    As soon as I mentioned his debts, Frank jumped all over me. He told me it was none of my business.
  • jump at (something)

    ухватиться за что-либо

    Leo jumped at the chance to go to America and study at Harvard University. Who wouldn't?
  • jump bail

    не явиться в суд после освобождения под залог

    The police were afraid that the man might jump bail and leave the country.
  • jump down (someone's) throat

    разозлиться, выйти из себя

    My father jumped down my throat over the missing money.
  • jump on (someone)

    неожиданно наброситься на кого-либо \ критиковать кого-либо

    The students jumped on the secretary because she hadn't told them about the new schedule.
  • jump out of one's skin

    вздрогнуть, подскочить (от испуга, неожиданности)

    When Nancy heard moans and groans coming from the basement, she jumped out of her skin.
  • jump the gun

    сделать что-либо преждевременно

    Lora jumped the gun and started telling her friends about her forthcoming wedding.
  • jump the track

    сойти с рельс

    The train suddenly jumped the track and some of the passengers were injured.
  • jump through a hoop

    выполнять любое приказание

    Karina is always ready to jump through a hoop for her husband; she is too obedient to my mind.
  • jump to conclusions

    делать поспешные выводы

    "I don't want you to jump to conclusions because you don't know all the facts."
  • jump/climb/get on the bandwagon

    присоединиться к активной деятельности

    Gina and Sam jumped on the bandwagon to try and arrange a swimming competition.
  • jumping-off place/point

    начало долгого пути; отправная точка

    They gathered in the afternoon at the jumping-off place for their long journey through the jungle.