Буква K

  • keep body and soul together

    жить впроголодь, едва сводить концы с концами

    I earned very little money that year and could hardly keep body and soul together.
  • keep books

    вести учёт

    Marion's job is to keep books for a traveling agency in New-York.
  • keep company (with someone)

    проводить время с кем-либо

    Ms Smith hardly ever saw anything of her son since he had started keeping company with Sarah.
  • keep cool

    сохранять спокойствие

    Felix failed to keep cool when he was accused of stealing the money.
  • keep down (something)

    уменьшать, ограничивать

    "I want you to keep down all expences until we are out of debt."
  • keep from (doing something)

    мешать делать что-либо, воздерживаться от каких-либо действий

    Duncan made a funny grimace and Lucy couldn't keep from laughing.
  • keep good time

    хорошо ходить \ работать (о часах)

    My watch doesn't keep good time; it is five minutes slow.
  • keep harping on (something)

    надоедливо толковать, твердить одно и то же

    My boss keeps harping on the fact that I am too slow in my job.
  • keep house

    вести домашнее хозяйство

    "What is the name of the woman who keeps house for Mr. Johnson?"
  • keep in touch (with someone)

    поддерживать связь с кем-либо

    Though Wanda's family is scattered all over the country they keep in touch with one another.
  • keep late hours

    поздно ложиться спать

    Now that Silvia began to study at the university she has to keep late hours because she has a lot to do.
  • keep off (something)

    держаться в отдалении от чего-либо

    I made up my mind to keep off the stadium not to tempt providence.
  • keep on (doing something)

    продолжать делать что-либо

    The teacher tells the pupils to be more attentive, but they keep on making the same mistakes again and again.
  • keep on an even keel

    сохранять хладнокровие, спокойствие

    I couldn't keep on an even keel when I saw a big boy beating a small one.
  • keep on one's toes

    быть бдительным, внимательным

    Mark tried to keep on his toes during a grammar test.
  • keep one's chin up

    не унывать, "не вешать носа"

    Sam put his finger under Jen's chin and looked into her eyes. "Keep your chin up, Jennie," he said.
  • keep one's cool

    оставаться спокойным

    I can't very well keep my cool when people insult me.
  • keep one's distance from (someone or something)

    держаться в стороне, подальше от кого-либо \ чего-либо

    Celia is very reticent, and I often see her keeping her distance from the other children.
  • keep one's ear to the ground

    держать ухо востро"

    I have been keeping my ear to the ground since I heard the rumors that the President of the company is going to retire.
  • keep one's eye on the ball

    быть внимательным, не упускать из виду основной цели

    "I wish you could keep your eye on the ball or you will never make any progress with your Italian."
  • keep one's eyes open

    смотреть в оба, быть настороже

    "I've been keeping my eyes open and have seen a nice sofa at a reasonable price."
  • keep one's eyes peeled for (someone or something)

    быть на чеку, следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо

    Bob stood outside the restaurant and kept his eyes peeled for his girlfriend to appear.
  • keep one's feet on the ground

    твёрдо стоять на земле

    My Uncle Tom has always kept his feet on the ground, and he is quite successful in his job.
  • keep one's finger's crossed

    желать удачи, скрестить пальцы на удачу

    I wanted my friend to keep his fingers crossed while I was at a job interview.
  • keep one's hand in (something)

    продолжать заниматься чем-либо, сохранять контроль над чем-либо

    Jeremy wanted to keep his hand in so that he could have the feel of the market.
  • keep one's hands off (someone or something)

    не трогать кого-либо или не брать руками что-либо

    My mother asked me to keep my hands off the ice-cream.
  • keep one's head

    сохранять спокойствие, присутствие духа, владеть собой, "не терять головы"

    Jordan is as cool as a cucumber; he always keeps his head in emergences.
  • keep one's head above water

    бороться за существование, с трудом сводить концы с концами

    I am not rich. I am not even wealthy. In fact I can hardly keep my head above water.
  • keep one's head down

    стараться быть незаметным

    He was ashamed of what he had done, so he kept his head down, trying to remain unnoticed.
  • keep one's mouth shut

    помалкивать, "держать язык за зубами",

    "If you have nothing to say, then keep your mouth shut and don't interrupt."
  • keep one's nose clean

    не нарываться на неприятности

    Jacob was never able to keep his nose clean, and eventually he got into trouble.
  • keep one's nose out of (something)

    не лезть не в своё дело

    "Please, mind your own business and keep your nose out of mine."
  • keep one's nose to the grindstone

    трудиться без отдыха, без передышки

    I am going to keep my nose to the grindstone so that I can save enough money to go on a holiday to Italy.
  • keep one's opinions to oneself

    держать своё мнение при себе

    "No one is interested in what you want to say, so please try and keep your opinions to yourself."
  • keep one's own counsel

    скрывать что-либо, держать в секрете, "держать язык за зубами"

    I know that Dora has some problems at work, but she prefers to keep her own counsel and never tells anyone about them.