Буква K

  • know (someone or something) like the back of one's hand

    знать кого-либо \ что-либо очень хорошо

    Shiela knew the material for the test like the back of her hand.
  • know (someone) by sight

    знать кого-либо в лицо (знать только имя и узнавать по внешности)

    I can't say that I know Lily well, actually I know her by sight only.
  • know (something) backwards and forwards

    знать что-либо вдоль и поперёк

    Rita knew the streets in her native town backwards and forwards.
  • know (something) by heart

    знать что-либо наизусть

    Jane has a very good memory and she knows many poems by heart.
  • know (something) from memory

    знать на память

    My Granny knows my telephone number from memory.
  • know (something) in one's bones

    интуитивно чувствовать что-либо

    I know it in my bones that Joe is going to deceive me again.
  • know (something) inside out

    знать что-либо вдоль и попёрек

    My friend is a guide and she knows our town inside out.
  • know (something) only too well

    знать что-либо слишком хорошо

    Alan knew only too well what would happen if he failed his English exam.
  • know a thing or two (about someone or something)

    быть опытным человеком; понимать, что к чему

    Jack has been working as a mechanic for years, and he knows a thing or two about cars.
  • know a trick or two

    знать пару хитростей

    Gina knows a trick or two about how to handle her husband when he is angry or upset.
  • know all the tricks of the trade

    знать все хитрости своей профессии

    Sue Craffton knew all the tricks of the trade and was a very good nurse.
  • know better (than to do something)

    быть достаточно умным, чтобы не делать что-либо

    I knew better than to invite Eva to our party; she is such a wet blanket.
  • know one's ABCs

    знать основное о чём-либо, иметь базовые знания

    The woman in the library knew her ABC's and could quickly give me the information I needed.
  • know one's own mind

    быть уверенным в себе; знать, что делать

    "Don't tell me what to do; I know my own mind."
  • know one's place

    знать своё место

    "Why do you always interfere? You should know your place."
  • know one's stuff

    хорошо знать своё дело, хорошо ориентироваться

    This woman knows her stuff and is a very skilled secretary.
  • know the ropes

    досконально знать, быть в курсе дела

    "Miss Wiliamson will help you find a good job because she knows the ropes."
  • know the score

    знать факты, иметь информацию

    I don't really know the score about how my father's company functions.
  • know what's what

    знать что к чему, быть осведомлённым

    I am sure Jim knows what's what about a lot of things.
  • know when one is not wanted

    чувствовать, что чьё-либо присутствие не желательно

    Jerry knows when he is not wanted, so he has decided not to go on a picnic with them.
  • know where (someone) stands on (something)

    знать, что кто-либо думает и чувствует по поводу чего-либо

    I don't think anybody knows where the Dean stands on the issue of the new curriculum.
  • know where all the bodies are buried

    знать все важные детали или секреты

    I knew where all the bodies were buried in the company, but I never told anyone.
  • know which is which

    суметь различить, отличить одно от другого

    Mark's house and Peter's house are so alike that I am often confused and don't know which is which.
  • know which side one's bread is buttered on

    знать свою выгоду

    Elizabeth is a very selfish person; she certainly knows which side her bread is buttered on.
  • know-how

    знания и навыки

    She is a skilled teacher and has a lot of know-how about how to explain new material to her students.
  • know-it-all


    Jacob is a know-it-all that's why I don't think much of him.