Буква L

  • labor of love

    бескорыстный или безвозмездный труд

    My volunteer work at the Animal Shelter is a labor of love because I am fond of animals.
  • lace into (someone)

    резко критиковать, набрасываться на кого-либо

    My father laced into me when I didn't do my chore.
  • lace into (something)

    жадно есть что-либо

    The children laced into their dinner as soon as they came home from school.
  • lady killer

    красавчик, любимец женщин

    Jeremy is a regular lady killer; he has broken the hearts of a lot of women.
  • lady's man

    дамский угодник, ловелас

    Bill was a lady's man, and like all such men he was vain and conscious of his charm for the opposite sex.
  • laid-back

    раскованный, беспечный

    My sister is never worried by things; she has a very laid-back attitude about everything.
  • lame duck

    неудачник, "несчастненький"

    The prospect of his daughter's life being spent among lame ducks worried him.
  • land an account

    получить хорошую прибыль

    The new salesman was not supposed to land a large account on his first day of work.
  • land in one's lap

    добавить кому-либо работы

    Some additional work landed in my lap quite unexpectedly and now I'll have to deal with it.
  • land of Nod

    сонное царство

    I came home late that night and found my parents in the land of Nod.
  • land on one's feet/both feet

    с честью выйти из неблагоприятной ситуации

    My friend is capable of landing on both feet no matter how difficult the situation is.
  • land up (somewhere or in some situation)

    приземлиться где-либо или попасть в какую-либо ситуацию

    They headed for the theatre but landed up in the cinema.
  • landslide victory

    внушительная победа (обычно на выборах)

    This party hopes to win a landslide victory in the coming election.
  • lap up

    лакать что-либо

    The cat hurriedly lapped up the water because it was very thirsty.
  • lap up (something)

    впитывать что-либо, воспринимать

    Henry laps up the praise only; he doesn't accept any criticism.
  • lapse into a coma

    впасть в кому

    The man was run over by a truck and lapsed into a coma after the accident.
  • lash out (at someone)

    наброситься на кого-либо, разразиться бранью

    As soon as the man entered the house, his wife lashed out at him in anger.
  • last but not least

    последний по счёту, но не последний по значению

    He was last but not least in his attempt to improve the situation.
  • last of the big spenders


    Samantha earns a lot of money and spends it freely; I think she is the last of the big spenders.
  • last person

    самый неподходящий человек

    Sue is the last person that you would turn for help to.
  • last straw

    последняя капля, предел терпения

    Anna's infidelity was the last straw and we finally broke off our engagement.
  • last thing on (someone's) mind

    последние, что у кого-либо на уме

    Visiting a museum was the last thing on my mind on Sunday afternoon.
  • last will and testament


    Mr. Brown went to a notary to authenticate his last will and testament.
  • last word

    последнее слово

    This discovery is the last word in science.
  • last-ditch effort

    последнее усилие

    Adam made a last-ditch effort to persuade his friend not to immigrate to Canada.
  • late in life

    в преклонном возрасте

    My Grandfather got interested in horse races rather late in life.
  • late in the day

    поздновато, немного поздно

    Derek invited me to his birthday party, but it was a little late in the day as I had other plans.
  • laugh (something) out of court

    посмеяться над чем-либо, высмеять что-либо

    They laughed the case out of court as being extremely ridiculous.
  • laugh all the way to the bank

    делать деньги самым невероятным образом

    Jenny was laughing all the way to the bank with the money that she made from selling balloons at the corn festival.
  • laugh off (something)

    отшутиться, отделаться смехом

    Pauline laughed off the attempt by George to propose marriage to her.
  • laugh one's head off

    долго и много смеяться, надрываться от смеха

    Bob's story was so funny that I laughed my head off.
  • laugh out of the other side of one's mouth

    приуныть после веселья, от смеха перейти к слезам

    Sloan got a ticket for parking his car in the wrong place and was laughing out of the other side of his mouth.
  • laugh up one's sleeve

    тихо посмеяться (сам с собой), "смеяться в кулак"

    Maria laughed up her sleeve when she learned that her friend had bought a ridiculous dress at the sale.
  • launch forth (on something)

    пускать в ход что-либо, пуститься во что-либо (объяснение, критику и т.д.)

    The students didn't understand the grammar rule, and the teacher launched forth on a long explanation.
  • law unto oneself

    сам себе закон (о человеке, игнорирующем закон или правила, если они ему не нравятся)

    Johnny's father told him that he must stop being a law unto himself.