Буква N

  • nail (something) down

    требовать от кого-либо выполнения чего-либо

    "Please nail down the exact place where you can meet with our supplier."
  • nail in (someone's) coffin

    что-либо, что может навредить кому-либо ("вбить гвоздь в чей-либо гроб")

    "Fighting with him will only be a nail in your coffin. It won't get you anywhere."
  • naked eye

    невооружённый глаз

    This is the truth; and even a very short-sighted person can see it with a naked eye.
  • name (someone) after (someone or something)

    назвать кого-либо в честь кого-либо или чего-либо

    Many Russian towns are named after famous people.
  • name of the game

    главное, основное дело

    The name of the game is selling printed matter and not dealing with other things.
  • narrow escape

    опасное, рискованное положение, быть "на волоске от гибели"

    "That was a narrow escape," said Alice very frightened at the sudden change.
  • narrow-minded

    ограниченный, недалёкий

    George is generally very open about a lot of things, but when it comes to politics, he is terribly narrow-minded.
  • NASA

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Американская космическая организация (НАСА)

    A spokesperson for NASA declared that a rocket will be launched next month.
  • NATO

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization - НАТО, Североатлантический союз

    Georgia's government is eager to join NATO as soon as possible.
  • NB

    Nota Bene - нотебене, обрати особое внимание

    When I want to memorize something well, I always mark it NB.
  • near at hand

    близко, под рукой

    When I repair something, I prefer my tools to be near at hand.
  • neck and neck

    быть равным в состязании; идти "голова в голову"

    Davidson and Marshal were riding like demons, neck and neck.
  • neck of the woods

    район, местность где живёшь

    If Tim talks about his neck of the woods, he means the area where he lives.
  • need (something) like (one needs) a hole in the head

    совершенно ненужная (вещь), "как собаке пятая нога"

    Steve needs a new fishing tackle like he needs a hole in the head.
  • need (something) like a hole in the head

    что-либо совсем не нужно, "нужно как собаке пятая нога"

    "You need that old second-hand car as you need a hole in the head."
  • need (something) yesterday

    нуждаться в чём-либо в срочном порядке

    Ms. Polehead needs double glassed windows yesterday.
  • need one's head examined

    у кого-либо с головой не в порядке

    Lola needs her head examined. She always makes silly remarks.
  • needle in a haystack

    иголка в стоге сена"; то, что очень трудно найти

    Looking for the lost letter among the hundreds of other letters is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • neither fish nor fowl

    ни то, ни сё; "ни рыба, ни мясо" (о нерешительном человеке)

    Mike is neither fish nor fowl, and he doesn't really fit into any of the student group.
  • neither here nor there

    ни к селу, ни к городу; к делу не относится

    "You don't know what you are talking about; your proposal is neither here nor there."
  • neither hide nor hair (of someone or something)

    ни слуху, ни духу (о ком-либо \чём-либо)

    Jill borrowed some money from me, and I have seen neither hide nor hair of her lately.
  • nervous Nellie

    застенчивый, нерешительный человек

    I think Daniel is a nervous Nellie; he is so shy he won't say boo to a goose.
  • nest egg

    сумма денег, отложенная на чёрный день

    Weber liked to keep a little nest egg for himself.
  • never fear

    не бойтесь, не опасайтесь

    "Never fear, I will give you back the money I borrowed from you."
  • never in one's life

    никогда в жизни

    This film is something; I have never in my life seen such a weird movie.
  • never mind

    не важно, не беспокойся

    "If you don't have time to take the books to the library today, never mind, you can do it tomorrow."
  • never would have guessed

    никогда бы не подумал \не догадался

    I never would have guessed that the man who was jogging was over ninety years old. He looked so vigorous.
  • new blood

    свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)

    They needed new blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.
  • new broom sweeps clean

    новая метла по-новому метёт

    'A new brush sweeps clean' means that a person with a new perspective can make great changes.
  • new deal

    дать шанс начать всё сначала

    The owner of a small business was given a new deal as he was able to get a loan from the bank.
  • new hire

    новый сотрудник

    The secretary in the firm was a new hire, and she was not very good at her job.
  • new lease on life

    обновлённый взгляд на жизнь

    George found new enthusiasm and energy for his job, in other words he had a new lease on life.
  • new person

    (стать) новым человеком, измениться

    Horace is a new person now that he has quit worrying about his job.
  • next of kin

    близкий родственник

    Margaret was run over by a car, and the police had to notify the next of kin about the accident.
  • next to nothing

    почти ничего, очень мало

    Willy is a very ignorant person; he knows next to nothing.