Буква Q

  • quake in one's boots

    трястись от страха

    While walking along a dark alley, Tony was quaking in his boots.
  • queer as a three-dollar bill

    очень странный (как банкнота в 3 доллара)

    What John showed me is the strangest thing I have ever seen; it is as queer as a three-dollar bill.
  • quick and dirty

    сделанный на скорую руку, тяп-ляп

    The methods that the firm has chosen to cut expenses are quick and dirty.
  • quick as a flash

    с быстротой молнии, в мгновение ока

    The lightening struck a tree in the garden; it happened quick as a flash.
  • quick as a wink

    очень быстро, молниеносно

    I turned around to look at the speeding car, and quick as a wink it was gone.
  • quick as greased lightning

    очень быстро, мгновенно

    My dog started chasing a cat, but the cat jumped up the fence quick as greased lightning.
  • quick buck

    лёгкие деньги

    The shoe factory was only interested in making a quick buck, but they were not interested in product quality.
  • quick on the draw

    быстро реагирующий, прыткий

    The man was quick on the draw; he drew a gun and began shooting.
  • quick on the trigger

    импульсивный, быстро реагирующий

    John is quick on the trigger; he acts and responds very fast.
  • quick on the uptake

    понятливый, смышлёный

    In spite of his age, the little boy is quick on the uptake and does sums very well.
  • quick one

    выпить по маленькой (одна рюмка алкоголя перед каким-либо мероприятием)

    Mike often stops at this bar for a quick one on his way home from work.
  • quid pro quo

    квипрокво, взаимные уступки

    To solve their dispute the authorities and the taxi-drivers gave up some of their demands in a quid pro quo effort.
  • quiet as a mouse

    тихий как мышь

    "Stay where you are till I come back and be as quiet as a mouse."
  • quite a (something)

    определенно, несомненно

    Little Jim is quite an artist and everybody admires his pictures.
  • quite a bit

    много, достаточно

    I had quite a bit of magazines to look through, so I decided not to buy any books.
  • quite a few


    There are quite a few English books in my home library.
  • quite a lot


    There is quite a lot of time left before the party.
  • quite a number


    Quite a number of people gathered near the Town Hall.
  • quote a price

    назначать цену (заранее)

    I asked the computer company to quote a price to install my new computer.