Буква U

  • UFO

    Unidentified Flying Object-НЛО, неопознанный летающий объект

    The man said he had seen an UFO on a clear summer night.
  • ugly duckling

    гадкий утёнок

    Nancy was the ugly duckling in her family until she grew up.
  • unaccustomed to (someone or something)

    быть непривычным для кого-либо \ чего-либо

    On the hike Bob soon got tired, because he was unaccustomed to walking.
  • under (close) scrutiny

    под пристальным вниманием

    The ex-criminal was under close scrutiny of the police.
  • under (someone's) feet

    (путаться) у кого-либо под ногами

    "Get lost! I don't want you to be under my feet while I am working."
  • under (someone's) nose

    (находиться) у кого-либо под носом

    I looked high and low for my car keys, but they were right under my nose all the time.
  • under a cloud

    быть в подавленном состоянии

    Jenny has been under a cloud of depression since her parrot escaped.
  • under age

    (быть) несовершеннолетним

    Such films are not to be shown to children under age.
  • under arrest

    (быть) под арестом

    Bob Oliver was seen breaking into the neighbor's cottage, and he soon found himself under arrest.
  • under certain circumstances/conditions

    при определённых условиях

    Under no conditions are the students permitted to use cheat sheets at the exams.
  • under construction

    строящийся (объект)

    We had to take the train to work while the expressway was under construction.
  • under control

    под контролем

    The fire fighters soon took the fire in the restaurant under control.
  • under cover

    под прикрытием, тайно

    The police officer Marlow did his work under cover.
  • under fire

    под огнём (критики)

    The police officer was under fire for not conducting the interrogation properly.
  • under oath

    давать клятву, быть связанным клятвой

    Being under oath, the woman described the scene of the crime as she had seen it that day.
  • under one's belt

    накопленный опыт или полученное умение

    Jasmine had to get a lot of knowledge under her belt before the examination.
  • under one's breath


    Nell told Lucy the news under her breath, but Jane overheard her.
  • under one's nose

    под носом у кого-либо

    The thief walked out of the museum with the stolen picture, right under the nose of the security guards.
  • under one's own steam

    собственными усилиями, без чьей-либо помощи

    I didn't think my husband could repair our car, but he did it under his own steam.
  • under one's thumb

    всецело во власти кого-либо, под каблуком у кого-либо

    Mr. Richardson is a bully. He keeps all the family under his thumb.
  • under one's wing

    под чьим-либо покровительством

    She was such a little girl then, just out of high school when Kelly took her under her wing.
  • under pressure

    испытывая большое напряжение, давление или беспокойство

    Ron's job is dangerous and he is always under pressure at work.
  • under the circumstances

    в данных обстоятельствах

    Something had gone wrong with the engine, and under the circumstances, the pilot had to land on a highway.
  • under the counter

    незаконно, "из-под полы"

    That book had been prohibited, but there was one place you could get it under the counter.
  • under the hammer

    (продать) на аукционе

    The item of furniture I wanted to bid on came under the hammer at $15,000.
  • under the influence of (something)

    под влиянием чего-либо (винных паров или наркотиков)

    The police found out that the driver had been under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into a tree.
  • under the sun

    в этом мире, на земле, на свете

    Jim is always eager to air his views on any subject under the sun.
  • under the table

    незаконная (оплата труда или взятка)

    The boy was paid under the table for the work in Miss Crib's garden.
  • under the weather

    плохо себя чувствовать, недомогать

    My Granny looked pale and frail, a trifle under the weather.
  • under the wings of (someone)

    быть под защитой кого-либо, "под крылом у кого-либо"

    Sue has been under the wings of one of the supervisors since she started to work here.
  • under the wire

    в самый последний момент

    His pictures for the exhibition were due on Saturday and they were delivered at the end of the day, just under the wire.
  • under wraps

    скрывать, держать в тайне

    They had a new baseball player, but they kept him under wraps until the game.
  • undercut (someone)

    сбивать цену; продавать по более низким ценам, чем конкурент

    The new grocery store intended to have undercut the other stores in the area, but it failed to do it.
  • unearthly hour

    очень ранний или неурочный час

    If we are to catch the 6.15 train, we will have to get up at an unearthly hour.
  • unfamiliar territory

    (что-либо) незнакомое, не познанное

    Greg was driving the car for the first time in his life; it was unfamiliar territory for him.