переведите, плиз, на англ предложение

  • он умер на съемках фильма

  • как можно точнее

  • he is dead at the filming / shooting / site

  • he died at the film shooting

  • he died during film shooting

  • помогите перевести please: Что Вы должны были сделать к сегодняшнему дню?

  • gal
    What were you to do by today. I can be wrong.

  • Alternative: What were you to have done by today? (perfect infinitive)

  • Michael
    perfect infinitive is used to show what cannot or could not happen. In this sentence there is no result yet.

  • 2 Svetlana:
    And how about the following sentences? -->
    Look, how happy he is! He must have passed his last exam.
    Tom seems to have heard our conversation.

    These sentences imply that the actions expressed with the perfect infinitive have already completed , like in the original Russian sentence.