Что смешного?

  • Извеняйте, но я чего-то не догоняю. Может кто просветит!

    Did you hear about the new course you can take at school? Yes, Intercourse....you go between periods and you are expected to come.

  • The humor comes from:
    (1) the similarity of sound between "course" (курс) and intercourse (половое сношение)
    (2) the fact that several of the English words have two meanings:
    period: (a) урок, (b) месячные
    to come: (a) приходить, присутствовать, (b) (slang) кончить
    (3) The play on words created by the word "intercourse." As I said, "intercourse" may mean "sexual relations." However, the word "inter" can mean "between." Therefore, there is a play on words in which "intercourse" could also be humoristically interpreted to mean "between periods," (между уроками).

  • Michael,thank you very much for the translation.
    I am for mutual understanding!