If I Were a Boy

  • Hi everybody.
    Someone tell me please, why Beyonce used to say 'If i were a boy' instead of 'If I was a boy'.

  • americans use were and will.they dont use was or shall.

  • not that they dont use "was" at all.they just dont care about that,i think.

  • In English we use the subjunctive mode (Сослагательное наклонение) to express statements that are contrary to fact. Also, we often use the subjunctive “were” instead of "was" after the word “if.”

  • Michael прав оборот If I were - это грамматический стандарт, здесь неважно: британский или американский анг. Меня вообще бесит, что многие считают американцев тупицами, думают, что их версия англ. проще, чем британская. На мой взгляд, амер. англ. более уникален, т.к. он смог сохранить грамматические и лексические стандарты старого английского!!! If I were you I would be more respectful, as I think you should've not badmouthed a people who you don't know much about!!!

  • просто когда ты говориш о заведомо нереальных вещах, употребляеш "if i were"
    If i were a bird, i'd can fly!

  • I agree. Another example from the song "I feel good ". Why good, instead of well??? Of course- I feel bad, I feel awful , but I feel well !!!