If I were a millionaire....

  • If you were a millionaire, what will you do then??? :-)

  • On the first I'll make my dreams in life!!! Afterwards I'll have a round trip by plane...

  • If i were a millionaire i would not be doing my homework on Frech right now....))) that's impossible...

  • If you know that in a three day will be nuclear holocaust or something like that, and you have a lot of money! What are you going to do then?

  • Well...perhaps i would buy a plain and make a tour of some extraordinal places...No. i'm lying) i think, even if i had plenty of money i should like to spend my last days with people i love)

  • Maybe we need to go to the priest and make confession of our sins! Expiate a sins!
    Don't you think so? Cause we are going to eternity...and we cannot be able to take all our treasures...only soul! And share our money with homeless and needy people. Quite difficult to choose what to do.

  • I would have bought the business jet!

  • Alex,as you said,we can't take our money to a better world,why should we share them with others...for them to do some silly things before dying?)they should think about their souls as well!...oh,it's really difficult to talk on such theme... And mostly,from the religious point of view...

  • Alya as you could read my previous message I said that we could share out money with homeless (children who haven't got their home, and must live outdoor) and needy people (for example who have all kinds of diseases, and who haven't enough money to pay for medical and in the near future doom to die...)!! That's I meant!
    Difficult define what we have to do!

    P.S. In the matter of my English is not so good as I wish, I cannot express clearly my thoughts. :)

  • Ok)... but if they are going to die in few days too, do they need to cure themselves or get home in wich they won't be able to live?

    P.S. I find your English good enough)))))it's only different opinions.