Let's have a talk about films.

  • Dearest Go-getter,
    I'm not going to make You think in some way. I've already said it was uselees to talk about it as we would not be able to find out whose true was right, so i think that your reasoning is quite fair and clever. Although our opinions differ, the truth is somewhere between them, i believe))))

  • Anyway, our theme is films, isn't it?)))So..."A walk to remember" is really a film which is worth seeing and worth talking about. It's romantic and sad... and it makes you think for a long time after you've watched it... it's just cool)))"Signs" i didn't like at all if we're talking about the same things (i mean one with Mel Gibson)... Ifind it very boring and sometimes funny)))... by the way, what is the worst film you've ever seen?

  • Right you are!)
    We've gone off topic)))

  • BTW) The last Samurai( 2003)is the most unappreciated film ever.
    "London" (2005) IMAO))), that's awesome(one of the best films with JASON STATHAM)

  • Oh, i hate this film,truly saying (samurai)... it is boring... but the i would give one of leading positions in our top to "Women cat", "Gothic", and russian fantasy alltogether!!!!))))

  • 2012!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!

  • Hi! I want to join your talk. As for me I prefer not so popular movies. I'd like to know your opinion about one film. Have anyone ever seen so old movie as ''Shiri'' ''Шири''. What do you think about it? I think it's one of the greatest film from Asia.

  • I'd like to recommend you to watch "Eyes wide shut" by Stanley Cubric - a very outstanding movie from the point of view of its sentences' grammar(the movie contains very distinct pronunciation, and there are used nearly all known Tenses)
    "american beauty" is another good example of a nice movie/ good luck