Let's solve problems together!

  • Let it be the only theme in which we discuss our difficulties we meet learning English. Don't create the themes: Help me translate these sentences. What's the difference between these two words.., etc. This theme is the only place where we ask each other and gets answers. Please, write here!

  • Come on, guys!!! I'm waiting for you. Is anybody here???

  • Well, let me continue you topic! I wonder if there is anybody who knows how to start you own business, have just a strong desire and brain? :) I mean practical advises how to reach success without "big money"!
    For me this is a real unsolved problem!

  • Sorry... In such a case I can't help. Don't you worry: everything is possible. But I don't understand what you mean: do you want to go abroad with your knowledge of English and start your own business there, don't you?

  • Go abroad with my knowledge of English too early! :) No matter how vastly I wish!
    I need somebody to share their experience how to start young people to rise.
    However it seems that's impossible to get some advises for first insight into busyness!
    And I totally agree with Maximk@! All things are possible with God!

  • I thought Max meant problems with STUDYING ENGLISH...))) didn't he?)))

  • I guessed he meant about start you own busyness abroad! Nevertheless both variant are definitely impossible now. Cause lack of money! And actually no need it!

  • You both are right. Althogh the most difficult problem are problem with studying English. I didn't mean money at all. But, unfortunately, money is very important either.

  • I'm quite agree with you. Studying English(as every foreign language) is impossible without money. You may know Grammar grately, know about the roles of spelling and pronounciation, but you won't know the living language if you don't visit a country in which people speek in it, in which life can't be imagined without this language.

  • Yeah! Totally agree!