помогите вставить нужные предлоги: in, from, into, of, under или during

  • помогите пожалуйста вставить нужные предлоги: in, from, into, of, under или during в следующие предложения:
    1. We'll have it in April ... board the Vilnus. (на борту "Вильнюса).
    2. ...the navigating bridge and ...the wheel-house
    3. Can you plot the ship's course.... a chart
    4. Who will instruct you ... your shipboard training.
    5. They certainly will learn how to load cargoes...quays (причалы) and ... the ship's holds.
    6. Will all your cadets have their training...board ships
    7. Not all ... them. Some ... them will have practice... the ports.

  • On Christmas Eve children hand their Christmas stocking on their beds.Santa Claus puts presents....them.

  • .... RUSSIA ,real income... capita fell...57 percent...1998.

    In Russia, real income per capita fell by 57 per cent in 1998.

  • На борту Вильнюса, как мне кажется, должно быть "on the board the Vilnus", но у вас нет ON из предложенных вариантов...

  • Who will instruct you during your shipboard training.

  • Not all of them. Some of them will have practice in the ports.

    "Не все они. У некоторых из них будет практика в портах".

  • помогите пожалуйста вставить нужные предлоги. 'To be liable ... something. To sentence someone ... a punishment. To claim damages ... something. To be guilty ... an offence. To fine someone ... something.

  • пожалуйста помогите вставить нужные предлоги on,in,into.
    1.there are many people...the park today.
    2.there is a girl standing...the brige. why is she crying?-she has dropped her doll...the water.
    3.there is no tea...my cup.
    4.pour some tea...my cup.
    5.put these flowers...the windowsill
    6.i saw many people..the platform waiting for the train.
    7.we went...the garden and sat down..a bench

  • 1.in