Помогите пожалуйста!!!!Дали олимпиаду а я ниче не знаю(((((

  • 1 Исправьте ошибки в предложениях.
    1)My friend doesn't goes to the theatre a lot.
    2)Are the cinemas close in the evening?
    3)How you often play tennis?
    4)My sister does never wait for me.
    5)She not comes home early.
    6)Does he go to sleep always late?
    7)They enjoy the theatre, but they don't go very often there.
    8)I don't phone my parents often in Moscow.
    9)The next bus at two o'clock leaves.
    10)Do her brother drive a car fast?

  • 1)вместо goes-go;2)вместо close-closed;3)How often do you play tennis?4)My sister never waits for me.5)She doesn't come home early.6)Does he always go to sleep late?7)They enjoy the theatre,but they don't go there very often.8)I don't often phone my parents in Moscow.9)The next bus leaves at two o'clock.10)вместо do-does.

  • Исправьте ошибки, пожалуйста.
    1. I said, "Where you are going, my friend?"
    2. Are there much pupils absent?
    3. It a well thing, buy it.
    4. Every cat washes his face after eating?
    5. OK! See you on twenty seven of April.
    и еще:
    нужно выбрать правильный ответ
    1 There are ... and toys on the floor
    a) books
    b)a books
    с) the books
    2 You go in for sport,...?
    a) are not you
    b) do you
    c) do not you
    3 Usually I ... the violin but now I ... piano
    a) play, am playing
    b) am playing, play

  • Маша

    задание 1.
    1.I said, "Where are you going, my friend?"
    2. Are there many pupils absent?
    3. It is a well thing, buy it.
    4. does every cat wash his face after eating?
    5. OK! See you on the twenty-seventh of April.

    задание 2.
    1. a
    2. c
    3. a