BOOKS, Books, books...

  • What books have you read in English?
    And what books will you advise me to read???

  • It depends on what your level is! I like to read detective story!

  • My level is INTERMEDIATE.

  • well, it dependes on what u wanna get from reading)))
    my best-loved writer is Boris Akunin( Georgiy Charcheshvilly)

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Elton Kesey
    it is so deeply-moving...

  • In my humble opinion, Lizzy, you'll love the book by J.Austen "Pride and Prejudice". Try to find your Mr. Darcy in this life :)

  • Lusy:-)
    I think you should read Drozdova books. Her books are complicated. And there is one old soviet book Катцер "Пособие для перевода с русского на английский"

  • What else?)))

  • Sidney Sheldon - Are You Afraid of The Dark - Very good reading and English! And very interesting of course...

  • I have read Stephen King's books in English. I must admit, that they are quite easy for reading. The stories catch you attention from the first pages and you just enjoy reading. You might try at least :)