Rock in other languages...

  • What do you think will the rock sound well in other languages except English???

  • I think that English is the best language for the rock)))

  • I agree with u))) But I think that Japaness is also suits the ROCK^_//

  • Ненавижу РОК(((!!!

  • IMHO, it's a matter of opinion..
    there are NO "suitable languages for rock" since every laguage has its own beauty, so to say, originality as well as every song may sound well FOR SOME ONE...) and it is not actually A SONG for some one else...
    As for me, i like listening to alternative rock in English and French (e.g. one republic and LP)

  • go-getter what song by LP do u like best of all???

  • There are not bad languages for music there are bad songs.

  • It won't rock till I smoke.

  • platinumdick

    I.E. ...

  • I can't call only one song for they all are absolutely magnificent)
    but when I was thinking over your question "what i've done" has come into my mind)) i like this song very much.