Сделайте глаголы в следующих предложениях пассивными:

  • They have offered me a job at a local bank
    Have you warned them about the meeting?
    Someone has stolen a picture from a museum
    I have lost some secret papers
    We have kept this meat in the fridge for a week
    The police have found a dead body in the park
    They had packed the suitcases when the bellboy arrived
    They had sold the famous house to an American before I learnt about it
    I didn't attend the meeting because you hadn't warned me
    The room looked dirty because we hadn't cleaned it for a week
    They will clear up the situation when they have known some more facts
    They will have repaired my shoes by the evening

    They offered me a cup of tea
    Students take examinations at the end of each term
    Mother baked the birthday cake
    Columbus discovered America in 1492
    The children asked me to tell a story
    George Simenon wrote this story
    The boss gave us a form to fill in
    Father taught me to ride a bicycle
    The doctor told him to lie in bed for three days
    The waiter will serve you breakfast in five minutes
    People speak English in many countries
    I shall give you a cup of coffee if you want
    They close the shop at 5

  • people have been criticizing television for being a threat to the society recently