Страдательный залог

  • Помогите,кто хоть немного понимает,переделать предложение в активную форму.
    After that the treatment is prescribed.

  • After that a/the doctor prescribes the treatment.

  • помогите пожалуйста!!!записать предложения в активном залоге.зараннее огромное спасибо.1.These calculations are done by a computer.2.The man was tried,found guilty and sent to Prison.3.The piano is being repaired at the moment.4.The car will be towed to the garage.

  • 1.A computer does these calculations.
    2.The court tried the man, found him guilty and sent to prison.
    3.They are repairing the piano at the moment.
    4. We will tow the car to the garage.

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  • Огромное Огромное ВАМ Спасибо!!!!!