проверьте, пожалуйста, письмо на английском

  • Написал письмо на английском, проверьте пожалуйста на наличие ошибок.

    Hi Peter!

    How are you? I hope you all well. Have you decided where to go on holiday?

    Anyway, as you know, we're camping here on the Artek. We've been here for ten days but it feels less. It's sunny every single day! Well, there is no rain.

    we did come here for the nightlife! And then we're all too tired at the end of the day anyway. We go walking every day and yesterday we saw some deers and fox. We've all tried skateboarding, but we're not very good. This afternoon i fell to the ground five times!

    our news: Sergei won all sports. Masha and Sasha again quarreled. So you can imagine what it's like!

    well, i must finish - I have to go to the disco. Write back soon - i'll be home on Friday (13th).

    cheers, Dima

    P.S. Misha phoned before we left - he wants you to get in touch.

    Заранее спаибо!

  • It is sunny AN every single day!
    We DID/DIDN'T (?) come for nightlife.
    ... some deers and A fox. We ALL have trYed... We were not very succesful. This afternoon I fell on the ground...
    Our news... ...quarreled again. ... what it was like. I will be at home...
    ... - he wanted
    Well, I must finish

  • Olga,you've made some mistakes:
    DEER-это существ.не меняется во мн.числе.
    TRIED у Дмитрия было написано правильно.

  • Проверьте, пожалуйста!!!
    dear Andrew,
    Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you again.
    I met my best friend in my school. We learned together since 5 till 8 form. She is very interesting, funny and kind person. Actually, we enjoy handing out. Often we just walk together, go to the cinema, coffee, chatting phone a lot.
    Sorry, I have to go now as I have a lot of work to do.Write back soon.
    All the best,

  • ....you all ARE well...

    Anyway in the end of the day we all got too tired.

    ....saw some deer .... foxES. We all have tried....but we're not good AT IT.

    This afternoon I have been falling ....

    Write YOU back ...

    P.S. Misha HAD phoned before we left.

  • Write back soon..*.

    И относительно have been falling надо уточнить.

  • Не надо have been falling. и "to the ground" не надо. We all tried skateboarding but we were not any good. This afternoon I fell five times!
    It's sunny every single day (okay, no article)
    Masha and Sasha had another fight.
    Go walking - go hiking
    he wants you to get in touch with him
    camping here at Artek - если поставили палатки и в них живете
    By/at the end of the day

  • Ну конечно же AT the end( черт попутал c in), have been falling буду уточнять. Конструкция to be good должна быть с AT:

    I'm not good AT skating. I think I'm pretty good AT what I do and I ...

    Но I'm good WITH figures.

  • Если из контекста ясно, о чем идет речь, то уточнение at something необязательно.
    "He even pretended to like ball room dancing," she says. "But he wasn't any good. He couldn't understand how real men could dance ballroom." ("The Telegraph")
    "Have been falling five times this afternoon" совершенно невозможно, это звучит крайне нелепо.

  • Ok. Я уточнила. Можно сказать :

    This afternoon I fell 5 times

    ......I've fallen 5 times

    ......I've been falling a lot.